Johanna E – Success Story

I reached out to Amber because I couldn’t get over my binge eating alone. I read and heard through Amber’s podcast that she had been through binge eating herself so why not trust and reach out to her. One of the biggest achievements of working with Amber is I now have no need to binge and I’m free from food and it’s such a freedom. Words can’t describe how amazing it feels to not use food to deal with stressors anymore. When we began to explore the layers of my health journey, Amber was able to help me work through so many different struggles with me for my body image, digestion, hormones, and health. Amber is very empathetic and connects and builds safety for her clients and it helped me open up to do the deeper work. She makes it easy to connect. I also think that through the time I’ve worked with Amber, the structure of working together was very helpful. We started working on things that I felt comfortable with before getting more vulnerable. Life isn’t the same as it was before. It’s got so many colors and is joyful and I’ve learned how to set boundaries and make myself a priority. I’ve been spending more time doing self-care has made me feel more grounded and stable. Also more aware of many things because I have time to reflect and time to take time to process and not just be too busy. Even my blood sugar is more balanced. When you see that your body isn’t your enemy and when you build love for yourself then you see everything in another light and life becomes so much happier. I cannot put it in words and I am so grateful and thankful for Amber’s support.