Amanda S – Success Story

“I reached out to Amber after listening to her podcast. She was speaking to me, everything she said was connecting to me. I felt it wanted to make a change because I was tired of living a certain way. Once I started I wanted to keep going. The bumps in the road helped me learn. They helped me to build awareness with my body. Amber’s support helped me build a mindful relationship with food. I became aware of what I was putting into my body. I feel better overall because of it. I didn’t realize how damaging emotional eating was until I overcame it. Overcoming emotional eating eliminated my cravings and digestive symptoms. It also improved my energy levels, and I stopped feeling sick after indulgent meals. I also don’t feel the need to go to food when I feel stressed out. Working on my mindset also helped me understand where the emotional eating came from, and helped me build more confidence. Confident with myself, confident with my body and with my food choices. I also feel confident setting boundaries wherever I need to, to make time for myself again. I recommend anyone seek out support from Amber who needs it. Know she will give you the proper tools and support to set you on the right path.