Body Freedom To Healthy Weight-Loss Group Program

Are you looking to gain freedom from emotional eating and cravings in 2018 and lose weight healthfully?

The diet industry never tells you that you can’t lose weight if you are emotionally eating, stressed out, too busy, and not taking time for regular self-care. They don’t want you to know that so you keep buying their quick-fix programs.

Unfortunately, if that worked, people wouldn’t be walking around tired, bloated, foggy-headed, frustrated and dealing with cravings, digestive upset and weight gain.

What if I told you that a solid foundation of self-care and healthy choices CONSISTENTLY OVER TIME is what will give you the success you so deeply crave? Would you be willing to give yourself that gift?


This 90-day group program will help you build consistency with healthy eating, eliminate cravings, improve your energy levels and set you up to start releasing weight that isn’t serving you.

This is a great program if you are looking to:

  • -Address emotional triggers around food
  • -Eliminate pesky cravings for sugar, salt and more
  • -Increase energy levels
  • -Easily create healthy meal and snack options (even if you’re on the go)
  • -Begin to build a healthy self-care schedule that honors you 
  • -Start to build body confidence 
  • -Experience better sleep

This program is all about building a solid foundation of how to identify the triggers that push you to choose food instead of healthy coping mechanisms. I will be helping you to identify those triggers and make healthy non-food recommendations for self-care that will support creating different habits that support your health. When we are able to remove a massive stressor like emotional eating from our body, energy levels improve, hormones balance, inflammation comes off and we can set ourselves up for body confidence and healthy weight-loss.

As you embrace these foundational concepts, your body begins to respond… eliminating your cravings and promoting healthy weight-loss.

(PS no amount of quick fixes will do this for you).

At the end of the body freedom to healthy weight-loss program you will have a more connected relationship with yourself, deeper body awareness and the tools to build a mindful relationship with food. These are essential for optimal health and weight-loss, as well as maintaining your weight-loss success.

This is how we create full freedom from emotional eating.

If we don’t take the time to give to ourselves and shift our self-sabotaging behaviors our bodies suffer. It’s time to end that. This program will help you.

What this includes:

  • -Kickstart call to get everyone on track and engaged with powerful intentions for this journey.
  • -60 minute group coaching sessions delivered virtually every second week, and mini self-care planning sessions formulated to support your success with emotional eating triggers & a healthier you. (These are group calls and you are invited to share as little or as much as you want. The more you share the more benefit you will get from it.)
  • -Private Facebook group for sharing and accountability
  • -Intention Setting, Support & Accountability
  • -Self-care planning materials
  • -Recipe ideas
  • -15 minute Q & A at the end of each coaching session
  • -BONUS: 2 Tapping Scripts focused on tapping on cravings and emotional eating  

Because I am committed to supporting your success, when you invest by December 15th, you receive an amazing holiday savings!

Do you realize nothing changes until we deal with the foundation pieces?

Email me at with the subject like “Group Program” to book your 30 minute complimentary call and reserve your spot and savings today!

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