Claire – Success Story

I started seeing Amber late in the fall and was so frustrated with my weight. It was easy to gain, and I could never lose it, and for over 10 years would gain and lose the same 2-3 pounds over and over. I knew this wasn’t meant to be.

After being assessed by Amber we started to do the work to clean up my eating. We eliminated foods that my body wasn’t responding well too, and cleared up my digestive issues. I am happy to share, that after 10 years, the weight is started to drop off, I have lost over 15 pounds and am still going. I will continue to work with Amber until I see all the weight come off as I am not sure I would have been able to lose the weight without her.

If you are feeling stuck with your weight I highly recommend coming to see Amber as she is really an expert with helping to figure out WHY nothing is changing. She won’t stop until she helps you to figure it out. Thanks Amber, excited to continue to work with you.