Denise B – Success Story

After struggling with some health issues and not getting the answers I sought while fighting with my body to lose weight I felt overwhelmed. Every week I hear you on the podcast speak about listening to your body and getting a second opinion as their maybe something else going on, etc.  I know of a Naturopathic doctor in my area who is also an herbalist.  I struggled to see her because of money. She doesn’t accept insurance and it would have to all be an out of pocket for me.  I really struggled to make an appointment but listening to your podcast every week forced me to make a change. I saw her this past Tuesday. She put me on a natural food enzyme supplement designed to help my kidneys cleanse and a digestive enzymes to ensure that when I do eat, my body is absorbing all of the nutrients.  She told me that lack of appetite is a direct symptom of chronic kidney disease as well as the low back pain. Over time she said my appetite will normalize as well as my entire body. After seeing her Tuesday I began to feel better the very next day. I urinate like a normal healthy person should and I have increased energy!  


I had stopped worrying about weight when I realized after listening to your podcast that health is most important and when the body gets into alignment the body will begin to release weight.  I got on the scale yesterday and I’m down 3 pounds. I know this is coming from my body (kidneys especially) beginning to heal.  


I wrote all this to tell you that if it were not for your podcast I would have just accepted what a medical doctor told me and lived with it.  Weekly I listen your Sundays podcast at least twice during my week while working.  Your knowledge is priceless. Thank you for doing what you do. When I say it changes lives, it literally does because it’s changing mine!