30 Day Challenge: Eat Your Lunch Outside

Do you take a lunch break away from technology to solely focus on getting the most out of your meal?

Taking time to stop and nourish our bodies and brains in the middle of the day, or anytime of day is SO important. Remaining indoors all of your workday is a habit that might mean more sedentary behaviour, and a lack of quality breaks or meal times. Skipping out on a quality lunch break may stem from:

  • A perceived need to be at your desk
  • Fear of tasks piling up
  • Restricting calories by skipping meals
  • Maximizing productivity
  • Lack of boundaries in corporate culture related to well-being

The cost of these limiting behaviours and beliefs can be:

  • Weight Gain
  • Cravings
  • Fatigue / Sluggishness
  • Poor decision making
  • Poor food choices
  • Sedentary behaviour
  • Hormone imbalance
  • Hypertension
  • Unresolved stress
  • Suppressed immune system

What could change for you if you did take your lunch break?

We invite you to envision what you could achieve by taking the time to set boundaries for your own nourishment and well-being. Consider your own health goals, or even how you would rather feel during your day. Do you seek more energy? Do you want to feel more accomplished at the end of the day? Could this be a step towards your weight loss goals? Or simply do you wish you just had more time for yourself? Anything is possible with this simple task of getting outdoors with your meal.

Are you up for the challenge?

Here’s how to participate in the Outdoor Lunch Break challenge, wherever you are in the world:

  • Take your lunch break outdoors
  • Utilize any of the tips provided below to optimize your experience
  • Take a photo and share about your experience using #OutdoorLunchBreak
  • Mention or Tag @amberromaniuk on Instagram or @amberapproved on twitter, and @CoachTimKessler on Twitter and Instagram in your post or photo.

To support you in your challenge, here are some amazing nuggets of information to consider in planning for your successful #OutdoorLunchBreak from the experts leading it.

From Amber Romaniuk, Leading Health Food Expert & Owner of Amber Approved

Taking time to stop and nourish our bodies and brains in the middle of the day, or any time of day is SO important.

The question I am always asking is why are you NOT taking your break? The answers:

“I don’t have time.”

“I forgot.”

“I will get behind on my work and won’t be able to get everything done.”

“I’m afraid to.”

“I can just eat and work.”

The problem with all of the above is we suffer. Our brain power, our energy levels and hormones, our appetite levels and blood sugar all take a hit. And then we wonder why we end up at home later on stressed out and overwhelmed and diving deep into a liter of ice cream or a bag of chips.

We complain about struggling to lose weight, but we aren’t willing to take the time to take action to take care of ourselves and the body can only deal with that for so long before it starts to become stressed.

Here are three action steps I invite you to explore taking to help you feel your best at work:

  1. Book out your lunch break in your schedule and don’t book over it.
  2. Shut down technology (computers, phones etc.) and enjoy just sitting and eating your food. Bonus: If it’s nice out then eat outside!
  3. If someone asks for your help over lunch set a healthy boundary by mindfully saying no and offer to help them when your break is over.

Committing to taking your lunch break is an act of self-care for you, and better yet get outside for some fresh air and sunshine. It will do you wonders.

From Tim Kessler with inHabit Workplace Wellness

As important as the ingredients in your meal, is the mindset in which you eat your meal. A good mindset can facilitate an environment for your own natural ability to refresh and recharge. You effectively can change your state over your break time for the betterment of your energy, productivity, and relationship to food.

Key benefits you will receive from this simple and accessible task


The effects of sedentary behavior contribute to lowered life expectancy – in the big picture, sitting really is the new smoking. More close to home, however, is the effect of sedentary behavior in our daily well-being.

“Utilize movement as a resource for your outdoor lunch break.”

  • Take long strides while you walk, and make an effort to move your joints and limbs in more ways than normal to loosen up from time spent immobile.
  • Make sure to walk after your meal for 10-15 minutes, a walk like this has been shown to aid in reducing the blood sugar spike and crash many feel as an afternoon slump.

Exposure to Sunlight

Sunlight can do more for us than the all-important, Vitamin D. Natural light cues our body to know the time of day and regulates circadian rhythms and stress hormones like cortisol and melatonin.

  • Giving your skin a few extra rays can help calibrate your energy level for more relaxed digestion and a balanced mindset.
  • Rest your eyes on distant objects and scenery to relax the eye muscles that support long ours of screen viewing

Fresh Air

Indoor air quality, on average, is more polluted than outdoor air. You can agree that outdoor air has a freshness about it than highly purified indoor air. Not only will you increase your oxygen uptake, conscious breath in fresh air enlivens your endocrine and immune system, aiding in anxiety, mental fog, and more.

  • Take conscious deep breaths throughout your lunch break.
  • Find a space with lots of greenery and water features for better quality air.

From May 1st to 30th be sure to be following @amberapproved on twitter and @amberromaniuk in Instagram and @CoachTimKessler on Twitter and Instagram or and tag your outdoor lunch photo #OutdoorLunchBreak 

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