Evans Dental Halloween Candy Buy Back

9th Annual Evans Dental Halloween Candy Buy Back

Evans Dental Halloween Candy Buy Back


Calgary holistic dentist, Dr. Thom Evans, strongly believes that Halloween should be all about the fun, with a lot less sugar and candy.

Every year since 2008, he holds the Evans Dental Health Halloween Candy Buy Back, giving $1 for every pound of excess or unwanted sugary treats brought in by clients and families. In the past, the candy was donated, going to food banks and military troops. But now, he’s taking it a step further. Instead of candy, he donates pounds of fresh apples to charity, to send the message that everyone should be making healthier food choices.

Collecting treats at Halloween heightens awareness of the excessive amounts of candy we buy and consume for annual ‘celebrations.’ So why hand it to someone else? Dr. Evans was first introduced to the Candy Buy Back at a conference, where he met the founder and guru of this concept, Wisconsin dentist, Dr. Chris Kammer. It’s a battle cry that is now being championed by dentists around the world in an effort stop the unhealthy tradition, in support of a ‘dental holiday’ and better health.

Yet, each year, Dr. Evans and his clients still didn’t feel right about donating all that unhealthy candy (pushed by food companies who prefer to see Halloween as big sugar and big profits) to charities, when real food is so much better.

Dr. Evans called The Calgary Interfaith Food Bank—and they agreed. In fact, they believe that every Calgarian should have access to fresh fruits and vegetables. And so, in conjunction with their Fresh Food Program, Evans Dental Health and Wellness holistic practice now donates BC Apples each year in support of real food for families.

Help us bring back Halloween Apples! And join our healthier approach to dental and overall well-being at the spookiest time of the year.

On Tuesday, November 1, 2016, from 3:00-7:00 pm: Clients, families, and friends—please bring your candy and help us celebrate this year’s Evans Dental Health Halloween Candy Buy Back! Help us donate even more fresh apples! Win prizes!

8th Annual Halloween Candy Buy Back – 2015 – Evans Dental Health

Calgary Inter-Faith Food Bank – Fresh Fruits & Vegetables

Holistic Dentist Trashes Candy – Donates Apples Instead

Thanks to Dr. Evans for creating this event.  Amber Approved is a proud supporter!!
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