James – Success Story

I came to Amber with about 20 pounds to lose, largely in my abdominal area, as well as lots of digestive discomforts that I have been struggling with for years. We jumped in right away and identified some food sensitivities that were contributing to the problem.

I swear after a week I was already feeling so much better. My digestive discomforts had gone away and I was able to easily identify which foods bothered me, and stay away from them.
Now are 3 months into our program and I’ve lost over 15 pounds, my waist has gone down over 6 inches and all of my clothes are almost to the point of fitting too large.

Amber really knows how to address all the different layers of the body including my energy levels, digestive balance, cravings and which foods best support my body.

I also really enjoyed one of her bonus options of her program including a grocery store trip which helped me to really identify reading labels and finding hidden sugar.

I highly recommend Amber as she really is very know ledged in her field and can provide instant results to those she works with because she deeply understands what they are dealing with.
Thank you Amber for helping to get me to optimal health.