Jesse – Success Story

I have been working with Amber for a while now and I can really say she has helped me to change my life. I used to turn to food in stressful situations and had a serious issue with binge eating.

After about 6 months of working with Amber, I had gotten my binging to a minimum and my cravings for sugar were lessening. Now, in my second 6 months with Amber, I have completely stopped binging, no longer crave sugar or fast food and am feeling freedom from my old habits.

She has also helped me to identify why my energy is so low and now we are working on balancing that. I feel so confident in Amber’s expertise and am a completely different person because of it. Amber I really owe you my life as the one I was living was full of suffering, and now it’s full of happiness.

For anyone who is suffering with binge eating or body image struggles, I highly recommend you reach out to Amber because she understands what she is going through since she went through it as well. I think that gives her a huge edge in understanding her clients.