Karen Success Story

When I first met Amber last year, I was not in a good place. I was 2 years divorced but not at all happy about it. It broke my heart. I felt in a spiral in my own health. I didn’t realize how deep seated things were at the time. I remember swallowing food and crying. I turned to food, negative self-talk, alcohol, to the point where one day I just went, “I don’t feel well and I need to stop punishing myself and treating myself so poorly because no one else is noticing.” It was all self-inflicted. I hit rock bottom. I thought if I don’t do something today, it’s just going to get worse and I wanted it to stop. I saw Amber a couple of times on TV and read her story and realized she has lived it. That helped me to gain trust. I doubted how someone younger with less life experience could help me at the time. After the first meeting, I know I was climbing back up the right way. I knew I wasn’t going to hit rock bottom anymore. Working through the emotions, sharing my story when no one else cared or understood what an impact it had on my health was huge because that started to support a shift in the mind and the negative self-talk. The mindset and changes of my thought process and how I took care of myself completely changed. It helped me learn how to deal with my emotions without food, and therefore gain freedom from sabotage with food. I now have balanced digestion, better energy, have lost the weight and enjoy nourishing my body with foods that make me feel great.

Because Amber lived this, her knowledge and relatability is extensive and it really works. Her support was priceless and if I messed up I just got back on track with no judgement. One of the best things of this year was going through the stuff, past, present and future, what was holding me back, what wasn’t, why I wasn’t healthy. And that is a whole lot of mental stuff and that is the absolute diamond of this whole year. I can’t thank you enough for the way your process works. This support is unlike any other because it actually addressed the mindset and what we do on a daily basis. This program is life changing. I’m so grateful that I crossed paths with Amber.