Lauren – Success Story

I am 31 years old, and like so many women (and men) I’m an emotional eater and have been since my teens.  I used to avoid dealing with stress and conflict by turning to partying, alcohol, and of course food.  But about a year and a half ago I found my passion for fitness, so curtailed the drinking significantly.  I competed in my first fitness competition in May 2013, having lost about 50 pounds in total.  But in returning to “normal” life afterwards, I had some major struggles with food, and found myself using food to avoid dealing with all my feelings, even more than before I lost the weight.  I felt stuck, and was starting to think that this was my fate for the rest of my life; I was a weak human being who would never be able to get off this rollercoaster, and I was never going to be happy.  Then I met Amber. My mom says that everyone comes into your life for a reason.  I met Amber randomly through a mutual friend.  We instantly clicked – she is such a warm, lovely person and incredibly easy to talk to! I’ve never met someone with such great energy.

A few days later I checked out her website.  As I was reading her personal story, I actually started to cry!  I honestly didn’t think that anyone could relate to what I was going through; I had felt so alone before.   But hearing her story was like looking in a mirror.  For the first time ever, I felt like maybe, just maybe, I could get a handle on things.  So I started seeing her. Amber started out by helping me learn to forgive myself, to realize that I’m only human and that it’s ok to not be perfect!  She also helped me start eating foods to nourish my body, and in doing this, my binging started to happen less and less frequently!

It was not an easy road at first; when I started to not turn to food to deal with my emotions, I had to actually deal with my emotions!  And that was very overwhelming at first.  Amber was so amazing at helping me through this. She is so easy to talk to, and I left every session with her feeling positive, refreshed, and excited to keep moving forward.  She also taught me some great coping tools that I am still putting into practice every day. 3 months after meeting Amber, I still have work to do.  But when I look in the mirror, I like what I see.  I’m starting to love myself.  I’m “feeling my feelings” for the first time, and in doing that, I am really figuring out who I am.  I feel like there is an entire world of happiness and opportunity for me that I didn’t think was ever in my grasp.  I honestly can say I would not be here without Amber.  I feel like she saved me – well actually, she showed me how to save myself!  Everyone’s story is different and everyone needs a personalized approach.  But that’s why Amber is great – she’s very intuitive and has an ability to connect with people on their level.  She is absolutely doing what she was put on this planet to do, and she came into my life when I needed her the most.  My mom – as always – was right.  – Lauren