Melanie Hayden – Success Story

Dear Amber,

I just wanted to say thank you so much for taking the time to come and share your wisdom, your experience and expertise with my attendees at the Urban Girlfriends Getaway.

Your story was heart felt and touching and so many of us women can really relate to the pressures that come with trying so hard to fit in and to be “perfect”.  You shared such valuable and tangible information with tips and strategies for healthy eating that can be easily implemented into daily living without feeling like we need to always be on guard or that we have to give up everything to eat healthy.

I really appreciate your ability to be flexible when my other speaker went over time. You were able to deliver a wonderful message about taking care of ourselves without missing a beat when your timing was shorted by 10 minutes. 

I especially loved the seasonal holiday tips that helped put us all at ease being around an abundance of treats and goodies at Christmas time.

I look forward to having you back some time at another one of my events and to staying in touch.

Take good care and thank you again so very much!!

Melanie Hayden

Urban Girlfriends Getaway