Micheal – Success Story

“I have been working with Amber for 6 months now and feel like a completely new person. When I first came in, my digestion was extremely sensitive, I could barely eat anything, my skin was breaking out, I had rosacea and an old injury that just didn’t seem to want to heal.

After Amber helped me to identify I had some digestive imbalances including Candida we got to work right away to balance my digestion. After about 2 months all of my digestive pains and bloating had completely disappeared. My skin and rosacea cleared and I no longer felt uncomfortable in my own skin.

One of the biggest surprises was going for a bone scan to see an old injury, not only to see it had healed, but actually that it had gotten stronger, rather than weaker like the doctor said it would.

I have been able to add in lots of healthy foods to keep my satisfied and am so thankful that I had Amber to help me on this journey. I would highly recommend her to anyone that wants the support and answers you have been looking for, but that no one else has been able to give you. She is truly an expert in her field.”