Richelle – Success Story

Dear Amber,

When we began our sessions three months ago, I knew there were diet related issues going wrong in my body, and other problems that could be addressed naturally. Last year was very stressful, and one of my goals for this year was to move into a place of greater health with a natural approach. My frustration with my family doctor was that she only seems to have two tools – drugs and surgeries. I knew there are alternative and naturopathic ways of getting to the sources of issues and not just treating symptoms.

I am so glad I came to you for help. Your understanding of how the body responds to different foods, and how problems can be addressed with natural means including supplements, has resulted in dramatic changes.

Thank you for sending me for the most extensive blood work I have ever had – blood work my own doctor refused to do – so that we could learn what was going on with hormones, stress levels, energy levels, and address them.

Thanks to the dietary changes and supplements you recommended, I am off anti-depressants and sleeping pills, and I have better moods, better sleep, and more energy. I cannot thank you enough for your advice, encouragement, and your extensive knowledge of the relationship between nutrients in foods and supplements and my specific health issues. You have been a better doctor to me than my GP has ever been.

I will not hesitate to recommend you to others as I am a huge believer now in what you do. I have the results to prove it.

You are terrific! -Richelle