Sarah S. – Success Story

After enjoying seeing some recipes on Amber’s Instagram feed, I decided to reach out to her as I had been struggling with my weight and emotional eating for years. This was the highest weight I’d ever been at, and I felt so bloated and moody. Once I started to work with Amber, the first step was understanding what was triggering me to go to food. As I started to use self-care to cope with stressors instead of food, I notice my cravings calm down and digestion improve. I also noticed my clothes started to fit looser. A year later I had to go buy a whole new wardrobe because everything got so loose. My family has noticed I’m calmer and happier, I have a closer relationship with my husband and of course I now am feeling more connected to myself. Working with Amber has completely changed my life, I now say yes to myself more rather than everyone else. I don’t need to use food anymore to deal with stressors and feel so free to enjoy healthy indulgence and have lots of healthy food available for myself and my family. This journey has been life changing and is the best investment I’ve ever made. If you are wanting support with emotional eating and gaining balance with your health, you must reach out to Amber.