Steve – Success Story

I most highly recommend your guidance in helping me make healthy changes in my eating habits.

You showed me that eating better is not boring; it is both healthy and interesting. Eating better is a matter of choice. I read labels, buy whole foods, and keep fresh fruit and vegetables around for nourishing snacks. I try to drink 2 liters of water every day.

I learned how gluten, dairy, refined sugar and alcohol negatively affect my body. You gave me lists of foods that fight heavy metals in the blood, foods that support my liver and foods that are anti-inflammatory. Green is good! Most foods on the lists are my favourites so eating more of them is easy. Apples, berries, cabbage, bananas, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower and avocadoes are readily available year around. 

I love your 80/20 rule for eating healthy vs. less nourishing foods. Your compassion and understanding of human nature accepts that your clients will sometimes struggle to reach their goals. I came to see you feeling tired, bloated and brain-fogged. My diet was 20/80 so I had a lot to improve upon and you supported me throughout my journey. 

When people say to me, “You are looking healthy, you’re looking good actually, and did you lose a few pounds?” I feel proud.

After four months working with you I am re-energized. My thinking is clearer and my sleeps are deeper. I feel much younger than the calendar says I am. 

For all that you have done for me I say thank you.