Success Story – Darja

I have been struggling with binge-restriction cycles since I was about
14 years old (I am now 28). I was chubby as a child, but from 14 years
old onwards I have been very skinny to normal, never particularly fat.
Yet I have always, ever since I can remember, felt fat and not good
enough in my body. Two years ago things got particularly bad when I
broke up with my partner and moved to another country. 7 months ago,
when I started my journey towards body-freedom with Amber, I was
incredibly insecure, overworked, stressed, anxious, having troubles
sleeping, fatigued, depressed, disgusted with my body, completely out
of touch with myself and my body. On top of this, I was completely
obsessed with food and I was binging several times per week. I spent
all my free time hiding from the world, obsessing about food, numbing
myself with binging and feeling disgusted with myself.

Over the last few months, Amber helped me to rebuild a new identity
which can be characterized by confidence, positivity, energy,
openness, love and understanding towards herself and her body.
Never-ever had I thought I would experience not having any food
cravings – yet this is my reality now! Of course, I struggle in
stressful periods, and I even fail occasionally. And Amber is so
wonderful in helping me understand, love and accept myself during the
entire journey, even when I struggle or when I actually succumb to
emotional eating. I cannot imagine going back to those self-sabotaging
and self-hating practices and I wish the same to everyone! If you
struggle with similar challenges, go ahead and book a consult with
Amber. I am sure you will enjoy working with her, as she is incredibly
compassionate, encouraging, helpful, and just lovely. Life is so
beautiful when you open up to it!

Thank you so much for all of your support! I am really excited about
working together in the months to come!