Success Story – Rini

I worked with Amber for 6 months and it changed everything for me. I suffered from disordered eating and eating disorders for almost ten years and my body image was at rock bottom. It affected all areas of my life.

 After a big move to a new country, I felt lost and depressed. Amber helped me pull myself out of the hole and take on healthy self-care practices that created a positive and powerful mindset.

 She helped me realize that my relationship with food was not the only thing I needed support with. Wanting to people-please and never standing up for myself were the root causes of my eating disorders and my feelings of despair. I never felt good enough or lovable and I always attracted situations that seemed to prove that to me. It created a ripple effect, where it seemed that I would never be able to truly find myself and be happy. 

Fast-forward 6 months, I have switched career paths and am on my way to making my passion my career. I am so excited for everything the universe has in store for me and I am at peace with who I am. I no longer struggle to set boundaries with people or make myself a priority. I surround myself with people, who support my goals and who love me for who I am. It is a feeling of freedom and endless opportunities.

Amber created a safe space for me, where I could share my struggles with food and my feelings of not being good enough. She provided me with plenty of tools to take care of myself mentally, physically and emotionally and was there along the way to cheer me on for every little step I took to free myself from my self-sabotaging habits.

Of course I still have bad days, but I have managed to mostly move away from using food to calm my anxiety. I also don’t put myself down for having an off day. It is all part of the journey. Being more in tune with my body allows me to give her what she needs at any given moment and truly allow for self-care as well as taking enough time for myself to slow down if I need to.

 Last but not least, I was suffering from hypothalamic amenorrhea for 2 years and I finally have my period back, which was also one of my goals. Thank you for all your coaching and support, Amber. I couldn’t be more grateful.