Trena Kennedy – Success Story

Before working with Amber I felt like I was in a prison with respect to food and self-loathing. I spent decades of my life in a state of extremes – yo-yoing between crash diets and restricting with being completely out of control with food and binging. I was miserable and felt ashamed and alone.

Amber helped me understand the “whys” of my patterns and from there helped my introduce strategies to break these cycles. For the first time in my life I do not feel consumed with thoughts of food. I feel comfortable and confident in my own skin.  My life is balanced and no longer about extremes.

To my surprise, my journey with Amber went much deeper than my relationship with food. I had no idea that I wasn’t showing up for myself in life. I have learned how to make myself a priority and easily set boundaries without guilt.

Amber is passionate, easy to talk to and has always made me feel safe and not judged. I am extremely grateful for all she has taught me. She has given me back my freedom and a new perspective on life.

Thank you Amber!

Calgary, AB