Blue Majik Lemon Infused Water



  • ¼ tsp blue majik or Blue butterfly pea powder
  • 2 slices lemon
  • 1 tsp honey
  • 2 slices lime
  • Fresh water


  1. Add fruit to a glass. In a blender add 1 cup water, blue majik and honey and blend it all. Add liquid to the glass and enjoy!


Special Thanks To:

E3live Canada for the amazing Blue Majik Spirulina which is a stunning blue pigment. This is a certified organic proprietary extract of Arthrospira platensis, a Nutrient Dense Aqua Botanical. It is made up primarily of Phycocyanin, a powerful antioxidant which can quench free radicals, boost mood and more. Be sure to check out for more information and more products.

Photos by Lisa San Filippo

Moments Marketing provides photography for social media, websites and corporate events as well as offers marketing consulting services. It’s also a sister company to Moments Photography, a portrait photography company. Lisa is the owner, creative visionary and chief photographer of Moments Marketing and owner and photographer of Moments Photography.

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