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The Pur Company Blog Collaboration: Relationship Advice With Food


Having fun on Global Calgary talking about healthy fall recipes and benefits of Turmeric, pumpkin and cinnamon. Also loved sharing about Botanica Turmeric Golden Mylk, Chocolate Greens and Okanagan Rawesome’s Raw, Organic, Sprouted Gluten-Free Crisps.


Had a blast on Global Calgary sharing about easy and healthy Camping Recipes Saturday July 19th 2017!


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Healthy Chocolate Treats for Valentine’s Day and how to indulge mindfully and give yourself permission if you have fears of indulging in healthy treats.

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Packing healthy snacks for parents and kids alike on Global Calgary Sunday September 25, and thanks again to my friends at for all the amazing ingredients.

How to pack healthy snacks on your road trip on Global Calgary August 6 2016 thanks to SPUD for all the local product and check out to order groceries to your door today!


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Chatting on Global Calgary about supporting and balancing hormones and inflammation Sunday May 29 2016.


CTV Morning Live Chatting the 3rd Annual Amber Approved Stampede Breakfast with Executive Chef of Hotel Arts Jan Hansen and CTV Host Courtney Ketchen May 16, 2016

Healthy Stampede Breakfasts
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Chatting on Trending on Shaw about how a life event can sometimes contribute to emotional eating.

Trending on Shaw chatting about “Smash The Scale” and why you shouldn’t let the scale and one number dictate your happiness.

Talking about cravings and why we may get them on Global Calgary Sunday January 18, 2015.

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Trending on Shaw sharing tips on Holiday treats and how to fill your plate for your dinner! December 5th 2014



Trending on Shaw talking about healthy Christmas Treat alternatives



Trending on Shaw talking about tips for overcoming the treats and overindulgence from the holidays.

Part 1 Part 2




Natural alternatives to get over all that refined sugar from Halloween on Global Calgary!

 Trending On Shaw October 17, 2014 for Healthy Halloween Alternatives!




On Trending on Shaw October 2, 2014 Chatting about food addiction and the new magazine out November 1, 2014!


YYC Pizza Week on Global Calgary Morning News September 29, 2014

CalgaryGLobal     YYC Pizza Week on Global Calgary September 21, 2014 IMG_0804(1)   Shaw Calgary Interview from the Amber Approved Stampede Breakfast Amber Approved Healthy Stampede Treats & Food Plus a SOLD OUT Amber Approved Stampede Breakfast

Great segment at Global Calgary this morning chatting healthy Stampede eating and the Amber Approved Stampede Breakfast at Hotel Arts!  Thanks again for having me!

global Bringing Amber Approved to life on Shaw T.V. Calgary Global Calgary Gluten-Free Cooking Segment   Dr. Renae Norton Blog Talk Radio

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