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Emotional Eating Quiz

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I find myself craving certain foods like salt, sugar, baked goods.*
I snack or eat when I am annoyed, anxious or sad.*
Food helps to CALM me down when I feel stressed or upset.*
I feel hungry when I’m not physically hungry.*
Even when I am full, I still do not feel satisfied and continue to eat.*
I will often eat less after a day of overeating to compensate for the extra calories I consumed.*
I have tried multiple diets and saw no long-term success from them.
I often weigh myself and am not happy with the number I see or my current body.*
I often obsess in my head about the “treats” I want to eat after work or after a stressful situation.*
I feel like I have no willpower or control around sugar or other “treat-like” foods.*
I feel guilt, shame or disappointed in myself if I fall off my health bandwagon or eat unhealthy food.*
If I eat one bad food item during the day I have the mindset of "I already messed up, so I may as well eat bad for the rest of the day".*
I feel hopeless that I will not be able to gain control over my eating.*
I have no idea where to start in order to balance out my eating and take care of myself.*
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