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I created The No Sugarcoating Podcast to provide the honest truth about what you REALLY need to create Body Freedom™. Every week I share quality advice on emotional eating, food addiction, hormone and digestive imbalances, roadblocks with weight-loss, self-care, body acceptance, exploring your intuition, energy, manifestation, spirituality and more. These podcasts are infused with deep soulful wisdom from my own health journey, expertise from coaching other women, and my continued learning. They are my gift to share with you. My hope is that you gather insights to help you on your journey to optimal health, and that you remember… You are not alone. Freedom is possible.

5 Star Reviews

5 Star Rated Podcast
I listen to Amber almost weekly and it is a great check in and reminder of how our mind controls our actions, especially with our relationship with food. She asks the questions that we need to ask ourselves as we go on this journey to be free of emotional eating. Amber has lived this which is why it comes from a very genuine place. She has a vast knowledge of how to reach your optimal well being. Great job – Thanks Amber!


5 Star Rated Podcast
This is a fabulous podcast by an amazing real lady who is willing to share her knowledge and insights on emotional eating, self-care, and all things health!!

Thank you so much for putting yourself out to the world through this podcast!! Without this podcast I would still be stuck in the cycle of emotional eating and dieting. Thank you so much for being an inspiration!!!


5 Star Rated Podcast
Hi Amber, I’m so excited about the new format for your podcast, not that it won’t miss the interaction between you and Leanne. Can you talk about how we can make the season change transition a little easier?

My energy, appetite ( good thing is no cravings yet) and mood level has all decreased in the past few weeks. I am ready to roll up in a ball and sleep till Spring. Help! Thx


5 Star Rated Podcast
Amber, I love how you tell it like it is — whether that is about your personal story (which is SO HELPFUL to hear), the myths of the diet and fitness industry, helping people understand the true reasons they may be struggling and more. Keep being that beacon of light and truth. The world needs more of that. And it shows how much you truly care in helping people transform, love their bodies and live in optimal health. Thank you for all you do!!


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Podcasts Amber Has Been Featured On

Would you love to have Amber speak on your podcast? She was recently featured on TV Personality Whitney Port’s podcast, The Blonde Files Podcast, The Eating Disorder Podcast and many more. A dynamic speaker, Amber has a powerful story to share and can add great value to your listeners.

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