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Hi, I’m Amber

Emotional Eating, Digestive and Hormone Expert

I’ve helped thousands of women over the last 10+ years from all walks of life FULLY overcome emotional eating, binge eating, regain their energy, calm digestion, lose weight and balance their hormones so that they feel happy, confident and capable of anything. Having overcome my own food addiction, I’m committed to helping stop restrictive dieting, body shaming, self-sabotage with food that many women struggle with. I am also deeply committed to helping women who’ve been putting themselves and their well-being on the backburner to change that cycle and start prioritizing themselves. This helps them finally feel inner freedom, self-love and power. 

I also support burned out female business owners to find balance between growing their business while prioritizing their own health and well-being. We can bring your hormones to balance, overcome emotional eating, have you set solid boundaries with your schedule and so much more to help you grow.

It all stems from your relationship with YOU – how you deal with emotions and where you are on your own priority list. Many women feel pressure to be perfect, busy and always saying yes to others. Yet, your body, your soul is screaming for your attention. Once you turn inward and give her what she truly needs, you can transform your life. I’m here to help you create Body Freedom.

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You’re not alone.

I lost and gained more than 1,000 lbs

If you find yourself in a battle with your body, turning to food when you’re stressed, sad or too busy, you’re not alone.

I struggled with my body image, tried restrictive diets to lose weight (only to gain it all back many times), and spent over $50,000 on binge foods. It took me over 5 years to end my food addiction and balance my hormones. Through that process though, I created a unique Body Freedom Program that I now guide my clients through.

Emotional eating is not something you need to beat yourself up about. It’s something to lovingly address. And you can – I promise. Take this quiz to help you assess your emotional eating habits. I’ll be on the other side to guide you.

Amber Romaniuk

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“I didn’t realize how damaging emotional eating was
until I overcame it. My energy is higher and I’m more
confident in my body.”


“Working with Amber is amazing! My digestion is great,
bloating minimal and I’m no longer restricting myself.
What a huge burden off my shoulders.”


The No Sugarcoating Podcast

The Honest Truth about What Your Body Really Needs


Raise your hand if you find it hard to sort through all the noise about diets, quick fixes and the latest health trends. On The No Sugarcoating Podcast, I go beyond surface topics to get at the deeper issues and mindsets affecting your body’s health. We talk about overcoming emotional eating, balancing your digestion, taming food cravings, taking time for self-care, accepting your body and more.

Are you a high-achieving woman who’s struggling with burnout or self-confidence because you are emotionally eating and feeling deep shame? Perhaps you are hiding and not putting yourself out there to be seen to grow your business and success because you feel insecure with your body and your weight. This doesn’t have to keep holding you back. Often a missing piece of the puzzle to success in all areas of your life is to overcome the self-sabotage and take your power back with food and your body. Let’s connect and help you break free of the binge/emotional eating body shame cycle! It’s your time now.

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