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Does your company value employees feeling healthy, energized and positive?
Are you looking for ways to support increased employee morale and productivity?

Studies show that employees who feel healthier and have knowledge to take better care of themselves contribute greatly to the productivity, performance, profit and positive interaction of the company. Amber loves coming into corporations to share valuable information to assist employees to have improved energy, health and vitality. She offers Lunch and Learns, workshops and her signature “21-day healthy living” challenge as a way to improve energy and performance in the workplace.

Corporate Bio:

Amber Romaniuk is an Emotional Eating, Mindset, Gut and Hormone Expert, Speaker and leading expert on overcoming self-sabotage with food.

Through private coaching, corporate workshops and countless media appearances, she is committed to globally changing the way people prioritize their health and well being toward more confidence, better energy, mood balance and personal happiness.

Amber’s new signature “21-day Healthy Living” Challenge is being offered to corporations to improve energy, health and performance in the work place.

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Success Stories

“Amber did a fabulous job facilitating two sessions to our MRU employees! She made the virtual learning space open and very engaging. Amber was also able to provide specific suggestions and recommendations during the sessions, which added so much value for our attendees”
“We were very pleased to have Amber in to talk to our staff about making healthy, mindful eating choices at work. Amber was well versed in nutrition, emotional eating and workplace wellness and showed a real passion for wanting to help everyone in our office improve their health. Amber left us with a number of helpful resources for our staff to use, including a handful of Amber Approved recipes and a list of actionable steps to implement in the office. We would highly recommend Amber to speak to anyone who is looking to support the health and well-being of their employees.”
Client service specialist & wellness coordinator Fairfield Watson
“Amber was the keynote speaker at our Be Well Retreat. Her candid and captivating opening remarks really connected with guests and set the tone for the day. Subsequent presenters referred to Amber’s themes of self care and compassion repeatedly, which demonstrated that her work transcends modalities and is relevant to anyone striving to live a happier and healthier life. We highly recommend Amber! “
Founder & President at REAP Business Association
“Our Calgary office was privileged to have Holistic Nutritionist Amber Romaniuk speak during a team L&L on the topic of “Positive eating habits to increase productivity, mood and energy levels.” Amber covered the most common foods & ingredients that have a negative impact on low mood, low energy, reduced productivity and weight gain, the effects on the body from digestion paralysis to brain chemistry and what you can do to help improve your health, nutrition and lifestyle. Our group was blown away to learn the impact our daily eating habits have on our lifestyle. The session was eye opening and presented solutions for common everyday difficulties. I recommend Amber highly if you’re looking to learning efficient habits to help promote a vigorous lifestyle.”
Deloitte Management Services
“Amber came to our office to give a talk on how to eat healthy in the work place. She was very accommodating in coordinating schedules and on the day of, she showed up prepared and professional. Her presentation was engaging to the entire audience and left people with some very fascinating information. Amber is so knowledgeable on her work and gave some great tips that we are going to try in our office. I would highly encourage every team to get Amber to speak in their office; it is a very eye opening and engaging presentation.”
Imperial Oil
“We had the pleasure of having Holistic Nutritionist, Amber Romaniuk, join our Drilling and Completions department and educate us on positive eating habits to help increase productivity, mood and energy levels. Amber covered many different topics including foods that have a negative impact on energy, moods, weight and efficiency. She also provided us with several tips and suggestions to help improve our overall health, eating habits and daily routines. Amber was very enthusiastic, her style, very engaging and creative. The staff was really able to enjoy the learning experience and the teachings hit home for many. We found Amber to be professional and personable; she customized her program to suit our needs and took the time to ensure that everyone’s questions were answered. I would recommend Amber’s program to all who wish for an excellent combination of style, substance and knowledge. Thank you for motivating and inspiring our employees!”
Husky Energy
“We had Amber attend a Long View lunch and Learn to present “getting on track after the holidays”. She delivered really helpful practical information to our staff; it was easy to follow and also provided tips that we could all use. We really appreciated that she was able to speak to the general audience about overall good health strategies rather than forcing one belief system to health and diet. Amber is also a very engaging speaker and would love to have her back!”
Longview Systems
“It was our pleasure to host Barrhead native; Amber Romaniuks’ recent presentation on “Clean Eating”. The adult learners’ comments included elements of both shock and encouragement, with the factual and yet, helpful information about today’s challenging nutrition. Amber is an inspiration in the field of health and nutrition and we’ll gladly host her again when she wants to come back to her old stomping grounds. Best Wishes Amber, keep up the great work!”
Barrhead & District Adult Learning Coordinator

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