Amber Romaniuk brings a powerful message of hope, inspiration and wellness to corporate audiences, entrepreneurial women’s groups and wellness conferences. As either a keynote speaker or workshop facilitator, she shares her expertise and her personal story in overcoming emotional eating and how she now guides women to greater self-love, optimal health and Body Freedom™.

Amber’s Most Popular Talks

Body Freedom™ for Successful Women
How to Gain Energy, Calmer Digestion and Confidence in a Body You Love

Imagine how much more success you could have in your work if you felt complete Body Freedom™. Imagine how this would fuel the confidence to go after new opportunities and more money. You would no longer be hiding and would feel excited to be seen and valued in the world.

Most female leaders and entrepreneurs don’t realize how their body can hold them back in business. Perhaps you are embarrassed about your extra weight and the clothes you have to wear as a result. Or your schedule is so overbooked, that you simply don’t have time for proper self-care, nourishment or exercise. And yes, you do reach for the coffee or chocolate bar to get you through the day. While you know what you should be doing to be “healthy”, you just don’t have the energy to do it all. When you’re in this vicious cycle, your work, confidence, and health all suffer. So does your business success.

In this talk, Amber will help you to understand how your overbooked schedule is impacting your health, eating habits, energy and digestion. She will explain the key stressors that impact your symptoms which can make you feel insecure in your body. You will gain insight into small action steps that will energize you with confidence, awareness and a feeling of being unstoppable. With this Body Freedom™ in motion, watch your business success skyrocket.

Roadblocks To Weight-Loss
The Secrets to Unlocking The Path to Your Ideal Weight

Are you feeling stuck with your weight? Are your clothes fitting tighter rather than looser even though you’re eating healthy?? Are you exhausting yourself at the gym and the scale is going up…and it’s NOT muscle?! This can feel EXTREMELY frustrating, and be enough to make you give up on your health and weight loss goals. Rest assured, there are reasons for this, and they can be identified and balanced to keep you moving forward!

Amber will help you to understand why you may be struggling with your weight, from physical imbalances to emotional blocks. This informative talk will give you insight into symptoms and key tips on how to better listen to your body and give it the extra love and support it needs.

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Client Love

“I had the opportunity to hear Amber speak at our ‘Ace Babes who Brunch’ event this past weekend and I was completely blown away. Amber spoke with vulnerability and relatability that had the crowd nodding and note taking along the way. Her natural ability to empower others was fully present and Amber seemed calm, cool and collected while digging deep into her personal story. Amber made me feel comfortable with my own experiences with negative self talk or body image and inspired me to self reflect and confront past experiences that are holding me back. I’m so grateful to have had Amber as our speaker and I can’t wait to create a deeper conversation to further inspire our community to live their best lives without barriers, with healthy boundaries.”

“Amber, I just wanted to say thank you so much for taking the time to come and share your wisdom, your experience and expertise with my attendees at the Urban Girlfriends Getaway. Your story was heart felt and touching and so many of us women can really relate to the pressures that come with trying so hard to fit in and to be “perfect”. You shared such valuable and tangible information with tips and strategies for healthy eating that can be easily implemented into daily living without feeling like we need to always be on guard or that we have to give up everything to eat healthy.

I really appreciate your ability to be flexible when my other speaker went over time. You were able to deliver a wonderful message about taking care of ourselves without missing a beat when your timing was shorted by 10 minutes. I especially loved the seasonal holiday tips that helped put us all at ease being around an abundance of treats and goodies at Christmas time. I look forward to having you back some time at another one of my events and to staying in touch. Take good care and thank you again so very much!”

“Amber was the keynote speaker at our Be Well Retreat. Her candid and captivating opening remarks really connected with guests and set the tone for the day. Subsequent presenters referred to Amber’s themes of self care and compassion repeatedly, which demonstrated that her work transcends modalities and is relevant to anyone striving to live a happier and healthier life. We highly recommend Amber!”

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