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Do you have an amazing product or service that more health-conscious individuals and families could benefit from?

At Amber Approved, we can help! One of the biggest challenges for small and medium-sized businesses is getting more people to know about your products and services. With Amber’s growing media network, we offer unique opportunities for companies to partner with her:


With over a million downloads, Amber’s weekly The The No Sugarcoating Podcast is a great way to gain access to both a local and global market of health conscious individuals who trust Amber’s expertise and recommendations.

Social Media:

With social media being a influential factor in people’s purchasing decisions, Amber partners with companies to promote health products and services through her growing social media presence including on Facebook, Instagram and Instagram stories.

What We Promote:

At Amber Approved, we are intentional on who we partner with. We believe in nourishing the planet with quality products and services that fuel optimal health. We believe in quality ingredients, quality product and quality expertise. So does our audience. If you share our vision, we want to help you succeed to expand your visibility and ideally, your sales.

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Reach out to Amber and discuss what marketing options would be a perfect fit for you.


“Amber is a pleasure to work with. She is well organized and always does such an amazing job at promoting our products. She is passionate about living a toxin free lifestyle, whether that is through the food you consume or the products you put on your skin; you know when you are lucky enough to work with her, that she fully supports your products. Amber has been such an amazing partner for Rocky Mountain Soap Company. She is so kind and easy to work with. I always look forward to collaborating with Amber because she has so many great ideas and is truly passionate about what she does. I can’t say enough about how great it is to work with Amber – highly, highly recommend.”

Social Media & Community Manager
(Rocky Mountain Soap Company)


“Amber has been and continues to be such a pleasure to work with. It can be tough to find the right voice for your brand, especially on such a large platform but Amber has shown us time and time again that hers is one that really resonates with audiences. We would definitely recommend collaborating with Amber as she is always able to take your direction while putting her own fun twist on it and delivering your key messages to her audience. As a superfood company there is an endless amount of information available and so it’s amazing that Amber is able to get all of these important messages across in a concise way. We would definitely not hesitate to work with Amber again! ”



“We started working with Amber 3 years ago. She is an amazing listener, innovator and executor, and to say that we’ve enjoyed working with her for marketing and social events is an understatement. Our favourite way to work with Amber is for local educational and promotional television segments. She does an incredible job of representing our brand in a short period of time in a clear, concise and genuine regard. On a more personal note, she’s just the kindest and loveliest person to be in contact with. Thank you, Amber for all of your support!”



“Having a chance to be featured on Global TV and the holiday blog was an amazing opportunity. It allowed us to showcase our products to a greater audience, not just vegans. With the type of food we make, our goal is to break down barriers and misconceptions about what vegan food is. The Amber Approved marketing is helping us achieve that goal.

Following our Global TV segment, we received higher numbers of social media interaction. As well, a Canmore company contacted us because they saw Basic Roots featured on the Amber Approved, Global TV segment. We couldn’t be happier with the relationship! Thanks for everything Amber!”



“We love working with Amber because she truly cares about the brands she works with and takes the time to educate herself on each and every product we promote with her. She is also selective with the brands/products she works with. As a result she is able to organically communicate her recommendations to consumers.

We believe it is important to have educational media exposure through Amber in the Calgary area. Our product lines require education in order to fully understand their benefits and Amber is able to deliver that for us. Amber is extremely easy to work with and truly understands the natural health space which aligns with our company goals.”



” I love the way that Amber recommends Lakanto while hitting the key selling points – that the product is zero calories, all natural, non-GMO, measures the same as sugar, and tastes like sugar.

The way that she provides examples of carrot cake and other sweets that you can use Lakanto in is perfect! Thank you for helping with our marketing efforts!”


Ready to speak to Amber about your marketing?

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