Success Stories

“I had been listening to Amber’s podcast for a while and finally reached out to her after I realized I was stuck in a cycle of food fear, emotional eating and body shame. I’d been using calorie counting, diets, weight-loss quick fixes and restriction for decades and it was starting to take a real toll on my mental and physical health and my life. I isolated at home and didn’t want to go to social gatherings because I felt like people would judge me for my weight even though I had lost a lot of it, I still felt like the woman at the heavier weight in my mind.

The first thing Amber and I started to work on was overcoming the emotional eating and becoming less reliant on using a calorie counting app, the weigh scale and counting points to measure my progress. I realized these things weren’t helping me learn how to build self-worth, body confidence and kept triggering me to want to emotionally eat. I truly feared if I didn’t keep hanging onto these external tools that I knew deep down didn’t work, that I would lose control with food and gain weight. That never happened.

Now I feel so much more happy in my body, I’ve learned to accept her. I’ve learned how to love her and shower her with compliments. I no longer emotionally eat, and I trust my body. I trust when I’m hungry and I eat in a balanced way, yet also indulge and it’s truly the best of both worlds! Thanks Amber for helping me break this vicious cycle I was stuck in for so many years.”

“I struggled with binge eating for over 10 years and it really felt like it had taken over my life. I found Amber from a podcast I listened to and immediately felt a connection to her story. I reached out for a consultation and signed up for a year, it was a no brainer. After our first few sessions, I saw a significant reduction in my binges. They went from almost daily to once a week, to once a month and then became less and less as time went on. I can now confidently say food isn’t an issue anymore and I don’t feel any desire to binge.

Another really massive thing that Amber helped me with was my self-confidence and self-worth. I was SUCH a people pleaser and it was exhausting me and negatively impacting my health. She taught me to stop saying yes and doing things I didn’t feel like doing because I felt pressured by others to do so. Starting to say no when it was a no felt so empowering! I know have a group of friends that is more on my page and my digestion and energy levels feel so much better because I’m actually taking care of myself and no longer going out and doing a lot of drinking. I finally feel like I’m calling the shots in my own life. I highly recommend Amber’s support, if you are struggling with emotional eating, she can help you find freedom.”

“Before I reached out to Amber I was struggling with binge eating and food anxiety. I didn’t realize I was struggling with a lot of fear, and body insecurities. I didn’t know how to listen to myself and I wasn’t able to value my own well-being or my wellness. I felt very out of touch with my body and my intuition as well. I have a really good friend who had worked with Amber before and she suggested I reach out to Amber. I was really desperate. I had just had my third covid diagnosis and I was so ill that I was having heart issues and was about to be put on heart medication for heart failure to decrease my heart rate and was put on medical leave to deal with my symptoms and had extremely high inflammation. It was during this time that I realized I needed to do something about it and investing in my health was the best thing I could do.

Recognizing what was triggering me to binge and understanding how overwhelmed my nervous system was and that I was so overwhelmed and using food to numb and distract. My ego voice was so loud and kept yelling at me to keep eating and using food but the tools and support provided helped me fully overcome the binges. Also learning how to eat enough and eat regularly through the day was vital for my blood sugar and paying attention to my hunger cues.

Dismantling some of the underlying anxieties that were feeding the binge practices was also extremely helpful. Building awareness was key and the 7 step tool that was introduced was a game-changer.

When we first started I didn’t imagine I would leave my job. My job hours were very extreme and were robbing me of sleep and negatively contributing to my health issues. I made a lot of progress on my job leave, and once I went back to work it started to reverse and that’s when I realized I had to figure out a way to leave my job. Working on my mindset really helped me come into my power and realize that I had to figure out a way to prioritize my health and not let the negative impact of the job continue and I decided I had to do something about it. It feels like the most natural decision I made to leave. I can’t believe I ever lived differently.

I’m really grateful for where I am now. The emotional work we did built a really solid foundation for me to believe in myself and gain trust in myself and my intuition.

I came from a really really bad place. I wasn’t able to walk without being out of breath, I was exhausted all the time, my hair was thinning, everything was really off. I couldn’t sleep, my cortisol levels were too high. I now sleep really well and am energized and feel powerful. My immune system is so much stronger. My inflammation is significantly reduced and my mental clarity and focus are helping me have more to give to the new business I’m building.

I feel like I have amazing tools for managing my mindset and physical health. I feel more balance, and now I don’t have a need to numb out or distract myself if I do feel emotional. My nervous system feels so much calmer.

I feel so much happier and healthier. I feel like I’m leaning into manifestation and claiming my power.

I would recommend this support to others because humans are so powerful and sometimes it takes some support to be able to unlock that power. It’s not about needing someone else, it’s about accessing the light of someone who is able to help guide you into your own power. It’s incredibly empowering, I’m walking away from this feeling really equipped and self-sufficient. I feel far more aware of my own strength and abilities.

I recommend it for you because this is something that will help you access your own strength. A big thank you Amber, I feel like my life has completely changed.”

“I feel less of a void, I feel like I am finally gaining traction with my sugar addiction. It feels like magic, I’ve never felt this stable mentally. I’m so amazed I could feel free from sugar or be capable of overcoming the self-sabotage with food. I feel like what I’m gaining from healing my relationship with food is FREEDOM. I’m learning to love myself and my body and use the powerful tools you gave me to cope instead of using food. It feels good to not be reliant on sugar anymore. I feel a deeper connection to my soul. It makes me want to cry to feel the way I’m feeling now, I’ve never been so calm inside. I feel like I’ve been lifted out of a darkness and this is a HUGE shift for me. Thank you for your kindness and your nurturing support to help me grow and step more into my power, I’m forever grateful for the support you’ve provided to me.”

“I reached out for Amber’s support after hearing her on a podcast. What really struck a cord for me was when she was talking about perfection. I feel like I’ve spent my entire life trying to be perfect and now realizing how exhausting it is and how much it has dictated my worth has been eye opening. I’ve been emotionally eating my entire life, and for the first time, am able to catch my triggers. I’m not using food or alcohol and haven’t binged in over a month.

I also had horrible chronic bloating that has fully cleared up and am now aware of the foods that agitate it and have found better things to replace them with.

My energy levels are also significantly improving. It’s shocking, like I’m SHOCKED at how fast things have started to come around. After we reviewed my hormone results and I got on the right vitamins, as well as reduced caffeine and added in more self-care time, I feel myself stepping into my power. I no longer feel anxious or buzzy and am sleeping better too.

I know now I am building the foundation to love myself and my body and am really happy with the progress I’m seeing and am excited for the next chapter. Thank you Amber for your help and guidance, I feel so clear.”

“I listened to a podcast Amber was on and completely resonated with her journey with food addiction, binge eating, chasing the scale and obsessing over being a certain weight. I reached out to Amber for a consultation and immediately felt connected with her in the safe space she held for me to listen to what I was struggling with. I, for the first time in my life felt like I wasn’t alone with the binge eating and body image struggles I was going through. I signed up for a year to work with Amber because I knew it was going to take time to make the changes and I wanted to see my healing the entire way through. 
I was surprised at how many binge triggers I had when we started to really explore all the different things that were fueling my urge to go to food. I discovered that my negative ego mind was really sneaky at convincing me to keep using food and that I would be lost without it. After Amber introduced some really great tools and really supported me each step of the way, the binges became less and less to the point where they fully went away. I never thought it would get to the point where I could just enjoy food and balance with indulgence without guilt or losing control and now I am. I also never thought my chronic bloating would go away as it was happening all day everyday and it’s completely gone. 
I also feel so much more confident and in power of my thoughts, the way I take care of myself and I no longer tie my worth up with how much I do for others or do for work. Prioritizing myself has been a huge part of my healing and I will be forever grateful for Amber’s help. If you are struggling and thinking about reaching out, take the step! It will change your life forever for the better.”


“I reached out to Amber after having constant bloating that I couldn’t figure out, no period for 4 years as well as cystic acne skin breakouts that were really annoying that no one could help me clear up. After doing our first session and hormone testing, I started making adjustments with my food, eating more mindfully, adding in vitamins to assist with skin and digestion and felt better after a few days. After reviewing the hormone test I made some big lifestyle changes, reducing the things that were overwhelming my high cortisol and my period came back in weeks. Working with Amber has been amazing and I am feeling so much better about myself, thank you so much for your help!”


“I reached out to Amber because I was struggling with binge eating for years and feeling so unhappy with my body. This support came at the perfect time. I stopped the binges after 3 months and then was able to start to step into who I truly am which feels so calming and assuring. I feel more at peace with life. I’m feeling more gratitude around my body and building acceptance with her. I know this support has given me the tools to move forward and live my most incredible life..”


“I heard a podcast Amber was on and her personal journey resonated with me.  I felt like I was in the same place you were with self-sabotage, and I did not know how to break the cycle that was going on for many years.  I was blaming myself and had so much regret for the time I wasted.  I had a desire to change and you explained the concept of self-care and how important it is.  

Amber truly understood where I was coming from.  You have been there and gave me hope that I had the power to step into a new identity.  If I put the work into my personal self-care, prioritizing me and looking at my emotional eating triggers it would get easier. 

You gave me different tools during each session that helped me to heal and shift my mindset.  You listened and helped me mentally, physically, and most importantly spiritually.  Recommended books, supplements, essential oils, and other things that have reduced the anxiety I had in my life.  I learned about the ego and how to shift my mind from a negative state to a positive state.  You helped me identify my triggers, but what I appreciated the most was I do not blame myself anymore.  It has nothing to do with willpower.  It is the only thing I knew.  You helped me rewire my brain to healthy habits that literally changed my life.  I have so much energy! When I am feeling anxious, overwhelmed, or frustrated, I use the tools provided and can actually shift my mindset to feeling joyful and calm.  

There are so many benefits of this program.  If you have a strong desire to stop the self-sabotage with eating or any addiction, Amber can help you.  You have to be ready and willing to put the time in to do it.  It works.  At times I doubted myself, but Amber guided me and gave me the tools to learn to come from a place of love and self-worth.  I no longer desire to overeat, I no longer blame myself, I know I am worthy.  I go to bed with a calm mind, body, and spirit and wake up energetic for the day!  I live in the present and gave up trying to control everything about my life.  I am letting my life unfold as it should and I have never been happier and more present. 

Thank you Amber for everything you have done for me!  Well worth the investment.”


“Over 2 years ago I reached out to get support with Amber to help me heal my relationship with food. I was being triggered to binge on a regular basis. The holistic approach to healing and experience that Amber had with her own healing binge eating and food addiction really assisted me with my own. She shared her experiences with me and could relate to me and my behaviors on such a deep level, which helped me fully heal binge eating as well as the binge/purge cycle. Her support, guidance and accountability helped me build momentum with building trust and awareness with my triggers and understanding by body and her cues, as well as my ego. Learning that my ego wasn’t the true me and was the voice that I was learning how to take my power back from to build my self-worth was everything. It helped me learn to love and accept my body, it’s helped me clear insecurities in my relationship so it can thrive and so much more. It’s been a unique approach for me to take that has worked so well for me. Having a holistic approach, accountability and the experience that Amber has given me has helped me to get past a lot of demons and self-sabotage. This support has helped me develop into a woman that I have dreamed of being for myself.”


“I reached out to Amber after she was suggested by someone else. I was wanting to address hormone issues, also gut issues and really bad skin breakouts. When I connected with Amber in the consultation we clicked and she was able to support me with everything I wanted. Emotionally I’ve become a better more confident person, I manage my stress levels better and have great tools for self-care. I’ve never had this clear of skin ever in my life, my acne is almost fully healed and my digestion and bowel movements are final normal. I feel better than I ever have. I didn’t realize how much internal healing needed to happen help my skin, gut and more. I know how to understand my body now. The knowledge I have now is helpful for life, I feel so equipped. I have hit massive breakthroughs, it’s not going to be everything changing in 1 week, however sticking to the journey helped me achieve the healing I wanted. This program was life changing.”  


“I reached out to Amber because I wanted to deal with my binge eating, hormone issues and food sensitivities. I signed up for my first 6 month program and as I got into the healing I realized how deep the work was and I wanted to do it right so I renewed with Amber to continue the healing. Almost 40 years of dieting had a significant impact on my well-being. I started to see improvements like my cycle getting better, my bloating was going away, I was becoming less sensitive to foods and I started to feel more empowered with food. I felt so out of control with food and had such an all or nothing approach. The tools and coaching that I received from Amber around my binge eating triggers has been priceless. Overcoming my diet mentalities was so difficult at first and then it got so much easier to move forward tuning into my body rather than more food rules. It’s liberating to have a mindful relationship with food more. I also previous to this support had no idea about my hurt inner child, my ego, negative thoughts and limiting beliefs and I was able to heal my relationship with my inner child and meet my own needs so I wasn’t chasing something and try to fill a void with food. When I discovered self-care, the ego, inner child work I was able to shift and heal so much. I feel so calm and at peace and it’s helped my body let go of protection. I no longer feel the urges to binge and it’s the most freeing feeling in the world. I now am equipped with all the tools and I trust myself and my body. I love the way Amber’s programs are set up for everything, the hormone tests, the emotional/mindset support, the physical healing and the energetic. I’ve never seen a program like yours before and for me it was exactly what I needed.”


“I reached out to Amber after my skin was literally breaking out everywhere, I was getting sick all the time and feeling very disconnected from myself emotionally, physically, and mentally.  I knew I needed to heal and specifically from within and learn more about myself as well.  After our first couple of sessions after the hormone testing, adjusting my food, adding in different supplements and different healthy ways to cope with stress, I was SHOCKED at how fast my body started to respond and improve.  I had been so used to seeing doctors and getting empty answers and lack of support that it boosted my confidence significantly.  My inflammation started to reduce, my sleep improved, my acne cleared so fast, my mood improved, less brain fog right off the bat and my digestion felt so much better after even 2 weeks.  What I loved most about connecting for our sessions and this whole process was really learning how to take care of my body and my physical and mental health which has been the most liberating part of the process.  I am celebrating as we conclude how my skin was a tool to deeper healing on many levels.  Having someone who could answer my questions and educate me and connect the dots was the most empowering experience.  I am so grateful for you Amber.  This has been the best thing I’ve ever done and I would spend a million dollars on it if I had to.”   


“I reached out to Amber through my own research as I realized I wanted to do natural holistic healing. I learned creams and pills weren’t doing the trick. I invested in Amber’s support and it’s been amazing since the beginning. Amber understood what was going on before we even did testing. Skin issues, gut issues and hormone imbalances were all thoroughly explained and started being addressed right away. I learned I had really high cortisol, bad candida and that even foods like peanut butter were making my skin worse. I also loved learning about my nervous system, regulating my cortisol and integrating a solid self-care routine to help out with all of that. The biggest benefits I’ve experienced are my bloating really decreasing right away, my bowels became more regular and have been noticing my skin starting to clear up for the better. I have way less inflammation as well and know that everything is moving in the right direction. Meeting every 2 weeks was amazing for consistency and ensuring that I kept up with taking care of me. I’ve learned so much about my body and my well-being and the depth we’ve gone into is amazing.”


“I was recognizing I had an unhealthy relationship with food coming out of an eating disorder and I contacted a nutritionist and after speaking with her she referred me to your program. When I reached out I thought the program would be food based, but you capture so much more of the bigger picture which is so necessary for someone needing healing. It’s not just about food, it’s about worth, ego, limiting beliefs, how we’ve been brainwashed. Amber sees the entire picture and supporting the entire person as a whole.

Amber really showed me how we were conditioned as young females to dislike our bodies. She helped me identify my ego, the negative voice in my head and that I could work with it and not against it. I also discovered my spiritual path and the significance of how important that was. I am so rooted and grounded now and can’t imagine a day without having my spiritual team by my side. So thank you for opening that door as well. I’ve found my power HOLY COW! I left an unhealthy relationship and would not have been able to do that if I didn’t step into my power. It’s powerful awareness that will stay with me for life and the consistency of connecting for our sessions helped engrain it into me.

The love I have for myself now is so beautiful and it’s been so important for me to build. Amber really walked beside me in the times I didn’t love myself. No matter how I felt showing up to sessions I was supported and the door to self-love has been fully opened. The frequency I’m operating at now is reflecting into the relationships around me and I have so much love surrounding me.

I for know if I wouldn’t have reached out to Amber I probably would have gone back to old patterns.
I don’t think women in general realize it’s possible to take care of ourselves and maintain our households but we are worthy to have it. We just must learn how to do so and Amber does an amazing job of helping women do that. It’s important to put yourself first so you can care for others without being burned out. In the span of a year Amber helped me step out of a person I wasn’t happy with and fully into the me I knew I was always meant to be. Thank you Amber your heart and the love you give to your clients is priceless. I’m so grateful for your support.”


I saw Amber on a local news television program displaying some products and speaking about her program related to taking the focus off of weight loss and shifting to dealing with the many other reasons for being unable to lose the weight .Something resonated with me and I really trusted what she was saying and called Amber and started the program as I have struggled with my weight and body image for years, as well as constant dieting and emotional eating struggles. Amber helped me to assess how my different organs were functioning and from there she recommended different supplements, food and self-care tools to help balance my hormones and digestion. She helped me with my emotional eating through identifying what my eating triggers were. I quickly learned that being mindful, spending time with self-care and self-love, building a loving trust relationship with my body instead of “negative self-talk and accepting myself for who I am would change my life.  The biggest change I saw on the journey is that I did not crave certain foods as before and if I did indulge I did not beat myself up because Amber had given me different techniques  to use to help me trust and have compassion for my body and keep following what worked!! I no longer “hang on” to blaming myself or being disappointed if I have eaten something that I did not really plan on eating. I trust my body will handle a mindful indulgence. She introduced me to tapping, dry brushing, journaling, positive self-talk and trusting my body to keep me healthy and joyful. I feel empowered with balance in my life. Balance is not about restricting. It is about mindful choices.  I also finally was able lose the weight and keep it off without any quick fixes. We are not perfect. We are human. I fully embraced Amber and her guidance and will continue to explore her new and evolving programs.


I reached out to Amber after following her on social media and resonating with her story. I struggled with emotional eating most of my life. Thinking about my next meal consumed my day. I never learnt how to feel or deal with my emotions growing up, so I often turned to food for a quick fix. While working with Amber I learned how to process my emotions and take care of myself mentally and physically. Learning to listen and trust my body has been the biggest change for me. Throughout my journey with Amber, I have been able to overcome perfectionism, gut/hormone imbalances, ego struggles, negative body image/self-talk, emotional eating and so much more. With Amber’s knowledge and guidance my life has been forever changed. Gratitude!!


I reached out to Amber after really realizing I was struggling with emotional eating. I felt so lost and fed up with the cycle of emotional eating knowing I needed support to get through it. I had never had someone help me open my eyes to the fact my body wasn’t just connected to diet and exercise but deeply to emotions. The 7 step emotional eating rescue plan and understanding the differences between physical and emotional hunger really helped me understand what emotions were coming up and giving myself what I really needed instead. I felt out of control with myself…I felt consumed with the hurt I was putting on my body. Now I feel like I have this friendship I’ve started with myself that is so much healthier. I have the ability to enjoy life and not worry about battling with myself. Being free of emotional eating is the most amazing feeling. The practice of changing the way I ate, adding in supplements and self-care to support my hormones and gut health was so powerful. It was always easy to incorporate recommendations that didn’t impact my lifestyle. I felt chronically constipated and now have regular movements. I used to have to take naps in the middle of the day and now don’t have to. The most effective tool for me that Amber taught me was the tapping. I loved all the exercises we did like talking to my body and my inner child. These experiences have had such a significant impact on my worth. I am this soul having this powerful experience in this body and my soul has started to strengthen this relationship with my body. It feels so life changing to be making peace with myself. I’ve worked with nutritionists and other health coaches and felt an aggressive manner. Working with Amber, I never felt judged or scared to work with you, your demeanor is so caring, warm and inviting and I felt immediately I could trust you and share with you. You were the first person I admitted to that I was struggling with emotional eating. I felt so comfortable opening up and felt like I had a champion in my corner for my health.


“I reached out to Amber after listening to her podcast and really feeling to connect to her. I heard her and knew she was the person who could help me. I was in such despair with my emotional eating, my body and my health. After 6 months, I’ve gained so much traction overcoming emotional eating, I am very aware of my triggers now and even made it through Thanksgiving without being triggered. I’m so much more aware of my body, I feel confidence I’ve never had, I’ve made my health a priority. I didn’t even understand I was emotionally eating when we first started working together, but I’ve now learned to listen to my body and mind and am now aware of my triggers and do self-care or give myself what I really need instead. This work has been life changing and I’ve discovered my true self-worth and learned how to trust myself. It’s been so significant I can’t put it into words how much this support has changed my life. My life is forever changed for the best! Thank you Amber”


 “I reached out to Amber because I had reached a point where I literally couldn’t function in my life anymore. The binge eating and emotional eating were just destroying my life. I had been through naturopathic medicine, a lot of different treatments and programs and nothing was working and what was missing was the element of approaching all of this with patience and love and coming at it from a less extreme. I was also dealing with PCOS and felt quite restricted which was triggering me to emotionally eat. It felt impossible for me to do. It led to more negative self-talk and negative emotions about myself. What I love about Amber’s program is that it’s a long process and I wanted to take my time because I knew there was a lot of healing that was needed.   And now I’ve reconnected on the deepest level. I am so in-tune with my body and have so much clarity around what I need for nourishment, self-care and my emotions. I didn’t realize binge eating was being fueled and triggered by so many different emotions, my spiritual well-being and loss of connection with myself. It was a profound moment realizing I was free of binge eating. Learning all of the powerful tools for self-care like tapping, energy clearing, working with crystals…it’s all opened my eyes to the level of power I have to use these things to manage stress. The chronic digestive bloating and issues I had for so long are completely gone and I’ve never had such great digestion. My sugar cravings are completely gone which is surreal. The way we approached addressing my hormones was so refreshing and positive compared to past experiences. I really trust Amber and her gentle approach and felt really empowered going through my imbalances and making improvements. We went at a pace that felt good for me. Also, doing inner child work to help me make a deeper connection with how my past influenced how I had been thinking, I’ve been able to look at the past now and not be criticizing and negative about it and start healing that part of my life. It’s so reassuring to know I have Amber’s support because I know she will understand what it’s like to have gone through binge eating and the ups and downs on a healing journey. Knowing I wasn’t alone and could reach out for support helped to build my confidence over time and that was such a crucial part of my program. Words can’t even express how grateful I am for Amber’s support and it’s truly been life changing in the most significant way.


“I wasn’t feeling happy about my body and struggling with emotional eating so I decided to reach out to Amber after listening to her podcast. I really wanted to learn about how to make myself a priority and build a consistent self-care routine. Learning how to identify my emotional eating triggers and using the tools that could help me move away from emotional eating helped me become more mindful. I’ve learned so much about making nourishing food and doing simple food prep, as a Mom it’s helped with the family and prioritizing our health. I’ve learned so much about mindful eating practices, supplements and nutrition to help balance my digestive system and hormones. I’ve also really felt solid with building my self-care routine and having the knowledge and education to take care of myself has really helped me break free of old food sabotage habits. I also don’t notice the same negative self-talk, I’m happy and proud of my body. Learning to love my body more is so powerful. I don’t have to give the negative thoughts any more attention, I feel so free with my body and food.”


“I first heard Amber on a podcast and felt so intrigued. What she shared was what I needed. When I first started working with Amber I gained awareness. I had a pattern of failing and quitting with my health goals. She helped me get to the root of this pattern and provided strategies that helped me kick that lifelong pattern to the curb. Breaking this habit helped me overcome emotional eating. The seven step emotional eating rescue plan was super helpful with stopping emotional eating and so was learning how to nourish my body properly and read ingredient labels. I feel healthy and vibrant now that I am free of the emotional eating. I feel successful at something. I realized that I needed to focus on myself more and set healthy boundaries and dedicate time to do self-care, get consistent sleep and do things like food prep. This helped significantly improve my energy levels and my bloating is gone. I didn’t realize how much working on my mindset would help me improve my health on this journey. I am building a deeper connection with my body and learning to love me which feels so freeing. I feel like I am no longer battling with my body. And instead am on the path to full healing.”


“I reached out because it was the middle of the pandemic, I had lost my job, was living with my family and all my emotional eating issues flared back out. The universe brought me Amber through a podcast and I reached out for support. It was so refreshing to have someone I could share with while I felt I was in a safe space. I have built so much awareness around my emotional eating triggers and the tools provided have been pivotal in me overcoming that. I never thought I’d overcome emotional eating. And here I am that I’ve broken free of it. The self-care routine I’ve created, mixed in with learning more about energy and other tools that gave me light in the dark tunnel I was in that helped me get out of it. Amber’s guidance and her relatability really helped me each step of the way. Also getting support around my body image struggles has been so powerful. When Amber walked me through a session where I talked to my stomach, which is a part of my body I was super insecure about it was a game changer and I feel very connected with my body now. I love that we tackled everything from emotional, mental, spiritual and physical. I learned I had an ego and that I could take my power back from her. We worked on my gut, balancing my gut flora and my digestion which is much happier now than it was. I thought when I first signed up it would just be physical, however it’s been so incredible to have support with the emotional journey which allowed me to experience a lot of transformation.  If anyone is second guessing if they should work with Amber.”


I reached out to Amber because I felt like I hit a rock bottom spiral where I was completely out of touch with my body and myself. I knew it got to a place where it was no longer about just physical needs or nourishment but also mental support. I didn’t know how to navigate my mindset and emotions on my own. I was at a point where I felt like I could not function on a weekly basis without controlling and knowing the amount of calories that I was consuming because I felt like that was the only way to lose or maintain weight. I did not realize how long I had lived in that mindset and the negative side effects that had on me physically and mentally. From years of restriction, that led to a really unhealthy relationship with myself that I would say sparked some heavy emotional eating and binge eating episodes at my lowest point. I have been able to let go of calorie counting and don’t fear any food group anymore. The biggest take away is that it’s so much deeper than physical. This is about reconnecting with myself on an emotional and spiritual level. This has played a huge role in my healing. I’d been intuitively feeling for years that I had different hormone imbalances which were validated. Working with Amber gave me the support and stability that I feel like I needed to go off of the birth control pill and balance my hormones and gut health in a natural way that felt easy and reasonable. The imbalances validated what my body needed which was such a relief to see and address. Getting my high cortisol levels down has been extremely important for me as I was constantly living in a state of stress. I didn’t know how to get out of that until I started working with Amber. All of it just felt like too much before I started on this journey and Amber was able to break it down and guide me through phases of emotional eating, hormones, digestion, emotional needs, spiritual exploration and the roots of many things. The breakdown was easy to achieve as I was supported at a pace that felt good for me.”


“I had been struggling with emotional eating for most of my life until I found Amber’s podcast and reached out to her through a consultation. Even after that first 30 minutes I felt a huge shift and knew I needed to sign up with her. I didn’t realize how much a lack of self-care and too much screen time was fueling my emotional eating habits. I was bloated and fatigued from all the processed foods I kept eating mindlessly. I also was struggling immensely with my body image and negative self-talk. Over the last year I’ve been able to fully overcome emotional eating (which I’m shocked I could ever do), I now love my body and treat her with love and respectful words. I feel empowered in all areas of my life now because I am giving to myself first instead of others. I can’t thank Amber enough for all her guidance.”


“I’d been listening to Amber’s podcast for a while and thought I’d finally reach out to work with her as everything she said felt like she was speaking right to me. When I first started out, I was on another diet, tracking and measuring everything I ate and it was driving me crazy because I felt so obsessed with food. This was triggering continual binge eating to the point where I didn’t even want to spend time with friends because I always lost control with food and felt awful after the weekend. It felt so weird at first to let go of the weighting and measuring my food, and after I stopped I felt a huge weight lifted off my shoulder. I found that it really helped me feel less triggered with food. I also stopped the diets and started eating more as I was not eating enough. The other struggle I was having was with extremely low energy and horrible bloating every day. Upon discovering that I had several hormone imbalances I have been able to regulate my cycle and energy levels with Amber’s support. My sugar cravings are gone and my bloating is gone, I can’t believe I could feel this good, so glad that I reached out for Amber’s support!”


“I’d been battling with food and my body for a very long time. I had seen countless doctors and specialists telling me that my low energy, weight gain and digestive issues were all in my head and that there wasn’t much I could do to change it. After having my first session with Amber, I felt peace I hadn’t for so long because I got the reassurance it was not all in my head and there were many signs and symptoms that were creating the way that I felt. I didn’t realize how much emotional eating habits were stressing out my digestion, contributing to hormone imbalances and low energy and causing my body to gain the weight that I couldn’t get off. I realized how much guilt I felt when I tried to make myself a priority. I had such bad “mom guilt” and Amber helped me work through and let that go as the time for me was so needed to help me on my journey. I am proud to say that I am done with emotional eating, my energy levels are higher than I can remember and I no longer have bloating. The weight is now coming off and I think learning to love myself prior to that is what is helping my body let it go. Thank you SO much Amber for all your support, I highly recommend you to anyone struggling.”


“After hearing Amber on a podcast and having the complimentary consultation I just thought to myself, “I wish I would have started this journey long ago.” I didn’t realize how much my obsessive thoughts around food and being perfect with food had taken over my every day. I went from binging daily or hard through the weekends in 6 months to not binging at all. I have so many great tools to help me feel and deal with my emotions that I no longer desire food in that way. I also feel very able to catch my negative self-talk around my body image and change it to positive and feel like I am connecting with myself and my intuition in a way I have never before. If you want true freedom from emotional eating Amber is your person!” 


“When I started this journey I had tried all the diets, all the quick fixes, was so focused on needing to eat perfectly and have the perfect body to be happy. I didn’t realize how much of a perfectionist mindset I had until Amber started to help me become aware of my all or nothing thinking and how that was impacting the way I was behaving with food and my body. I was afraid to eat a lot of even healthy foods, for fear of losing control and gaining weight. This fear really had me feeling exhausted, worrying about food and calories on a daily basis. After getting the support from Amber to work through my food fears and overcome emotional eating, I now feel confident eating any foods, without any labels and while practicing mindfulness have no stress over my weight anymore. I love my body, I feel so confident and have found the balance that feels right for me. Thanks Amber for all your support.”


“I am a completely different person a year after starting my journey with Amber. I was struggling with binging on a daily basis and couldn’t say no to sugar and treats. I wasn’t taking time for myself and was always feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. After starting to work with Amber, I realized how much I was using food as a crutch and that that came from my lack of prioritizing my own needs. As I started to build a self-care routine and understand my emotional eating triggers, I noticed the urge to go to food to cope was happening less and less. My energy levels increased, my bloating went away, my awareness and learning how to listen to my body grew and I was able to let go of diets and quick fixes in the mix. Fast forward now, I know how to feel my emotions which I did not before. I don’t feel any urges to emotionally eat, have balanced digestion and truly feel a connection with myself and my body that I never have before. I am forever grateful for going on this journey and getting Amber’s support!”


“I reached out to Amber after listening to Whitney Port’s podcast. I could resonate with her and her story so much, it’s like she understood me so much and that’s what prompted me to reach out. My biggest struggles were emotional eating, I was emotionally eating everyday multiple times a day and I wasn’t aware of where emotional eating came from for me at all. I was always stressed and impatient really harsh on my body and always criticizing myself. I never could have thought that my mindset could be the reason for my weight-gain and struggles with food. I never thought that my daily bloating wasn’t normal. I just thought bloating was a normal struggle. Through going through this process I learned that I wasn’t aware of my body or emotions and I wasn’t aware that I emotionally ate to self-sabotage. My awareness of my body and my emotions has been one of my biggest accomplishments. My emotional eating is under control and I feel much freer with food. I have answers to why I had the symptoms I did and the negative self-talk I had. Now that I am aware I can take action to tend to my mind and body. I know the key causes of my issues and can continue to focus on finding the root issues and resolving them. I also am not bloated anymore and notice my energy levels are more stable.”


“Amber’s approach is truly unique in that she helps you to discover and improve all of the areas within that link to emotional eating. The advice and mentoring that she provided has been more helpful and applicable than any recommendation I’ve received from a doctor or therapist. It feels so freeing to never have to worry about “dieting” again and just living in the present moment! She has changed my life for the better and was especially helpful during a year of uncertainty.” 


I had seen countless doctors, integrative specialists, taking loads of supplements and no one could help me with my horrible digestive issues, weight gain and high stress levels. I felt so awful before I reached out to Amber. I had tried every diet, protocol, elimination and cleanse, but nothing was helping. After signing up with Amber she soon helped me realize I was struggling with emotional eating because I was frustrated about my weight gain. I also realized that my intense exercise routine was negatively impacting my sleep, bloating and cravings. After I started to slow down, my sleep improved immediately. I started to really understand what was triggering me to emotionally eat. Then I realized how much of my stress was contributing to all my struggles. I can’t thank Amber enough for her support because it’s truly changed my life. My bloating is gone, I’ve been able to add in SO many more foods. I don’t emotionally eat, and I am making myself the top priority instead of overbooking my schedule. I finally feel at peace in my body.


“After working with Amber I can say my relationship with my body and food has changed forever. I was binging most days of the week, I was unhappy with my body, and was bloated everyday no matter how well I ate. The first thing we started working on was understanding what triggered me to keep emotionally eating. I also learned I wasn’t eating enough, especially protein and fat, and as soon as I started to eat more, the cravings and urge to binge reduced a lot. We also spent time really working on my digestion, sleep and slowing down to eat mindfully at the table which helped all my bloating and digestive issues go away. I haven’t felt this much relief in years. Thank you so much Amber! “


After listening to Amber’s podcast for over a year I decided to reach out and book a comp consult to talk to her about my never ending battle with my weight and emotional eating. I had tried every diet and fad before reaching out and nothing had worked. I decided to sign up for a one year program to get the support I needed to make massive changes with my health and habits. At first I was skeptical because there were no diets or quick fixes recommended and I was so used to focusing on restriction and exercise to lose weight. A HUGE eye opener for me was that I was so overbooked, so overscheduled and so stressed out that I wasn’t really dedicating any time to take care of myself. I was eating maybe once a day, not drinking any water, sleeping so poorly and so exhausted. One of the first things Amber really helped me with was starting to take breaks at work to have my meals and drink water. This felt weird at first but became such an important part of my day. Also understanding that overwhelm and undereating kept triggering me to binge and emotionally eat was eye opening.

Fast forward a year and my energy is top notch, I don’t emotionally eat at all, cravings are gone, bloating is gone, my self-care schedule has allowed me to feel so much more at ease, and the weight that I couldn’t lose for years is now falling off without dieting or exercising. I am so happy I reached out and made these deeper changes. I highly recommend reaching out to Amber, thank you so much for this life changing support.” 


I had never realized what a deep journey I could go on with my body until I found Amber. She takes a completely different approach than anyone else I have ever met when it comes to understanding my relationship with food and dieting, helping me explore my digestive issues and, honestly, getting to the root of why I felt so disconnected from my body. 

Amber is so knowledgeable and thorough. She took the time to help identify all of my physical symptoms. She doesn’t just tell you to take a supplement or try a diet, she works with you on the mindset, behaviours and thoughts that help you change the way you see yourself. And her personal story is so inspiring. Having overcome her own emotional eating and food addiction, she’s walked the path. And therefore, she could really help me make my own positive changes.

And I don’t need to be PERFECT! (big mindset shift)  

With Amber’s help, my hormones are balanced, my digestion is happy, and I feel more confident in my body. I can actually look in the mirror and love what I see. I’m transforming! I have so much gratitude for my body and the journey we’ve been on together. That’s a complete 180 degree shift from the self-hatred I felt before coaching with Amber. 

The best part is, that because I’m not fighting myself, or obsessed with food or dieting, I can now focus on ENJOYING my life. I have more energy for my work and found my ROCKSTAR confidence to go after bigger opportunities in my career. I also appreciate Amber’s professionalism. Being a public figure, I value confidentiality. I know that anything Amber and I discuss remains 100% confidential. And seriously… this is deep and vulnerable work. So, feeling safe to discuss things has been the very thing that has freed me!

Amber, I’m so grateful for your expertise. You are a total game changer and disruptor of common thought when it comes to the old “eat-less-and-exercise-more” mentality. Thanks for all you do, lady!


“I was feeling overwhelmed and stuck in a rut regarding my health and weight loss efforts until I met Amber. I embarked on an incredible health journey for which I will be forever grateful . I am thankful for all the knowledge, guidance and happiness she brought into my life!

My biggest learning curve was to value myself and put ‘Me’ first and also how to manage emotional eating .Through Ambers relatability to both emotional and physical issues I discovered that living a holistic , healthy and happy lifestyle doesn’t come from the desperation of loosing 40 pounds in a short period but more about getting the groundwork accomplished first . Amber assessed my needs and through her individualized holistic approach she helped me deal with body inflammation, delve into past unproductive experiences and set me on a journey of self discovery , positivity and self worth!  

I would recommend Amber in a heartbeat!


“When I first reached out to Amber I was struggling with emotional eating on a daily basis. As a result I was bloated and felt so sensitive to everything I ate and also had extremely low energy. I found it quite difficult to get through my days with how poorly I felt. I didn’t realize how much of an impact emotional eating and no self-care was having on my mental and physical health.

After six months I feel like a completely new person. My digestion feels wonderful, my clothes are fitting looser, and I am now more aware than ever of what triggers me to use food to cope with my emotions. I am also happy to say that I am no longer going to food to sabotage. It feels good that I am starting to take care of my health. I am seeing food more as medicine rather than using it as punishment.

If you are struggling and want full freedom I highly recommend reaching out to Amber for support. “


“I used to think I could only be happy if I was thin and used food as a crutch for many years. After trying diet after diet and continually failing I knew I needed a different approach. My sister referred me to your podcast and then I reached out to inquire about your services.

Investing in myself was the best choice I could have made. Amazing things have happened while working with Amber. When I first started I struggled deeply with emotional eating. I now only see food as fuel and no longer emotional eating. I now can feel my feelings and cope with them in a healthy way.

The coaching helped me to learn to not punish myself with food and internalize or blame myself for everything. Stuffing myself with food does not fix anything. It taught me to do the work and actually think and become aware of what I am doing. I am now easily letting go of the weight I’ve been carrying, balancing my hormones and I have never felt more confident in my life.

I am so at peace with my body. I am a beautiful person and I found that through this coaching. When you allow yourself do the deeper work you feel worthy of love, health and also I’ve opened up to be more vulnerable in my relationships. Thank you for helping me find my power.”


“The last 8 weeks has been life changing. As a business owner you get consumed in life. Being able to take a step back and focus on who I am and what I want and how I want to be for the rest of my life, and take the time to do that is important.

Learning about self-care, the importance of sleep and being prepared with healthy food are so key. I also started to work on delegating more to my team in my business which has given me extra time to dedicate to myself. I’ve also learned how to take time to listen to my body, which has helped be become aware of my self-sabotaging mindset.

Awareness and taking the time to slow down and listen to my body has allowed me to feel the hunger signals my body is giving me. As well I am more aware of how I feel after eating certain foods or doing certain exercise and if it feels good or not. I realize I am not my ego, which has given me more confidence with the body I live in.

I highly recommend this program and the support and accountability provided will help you make really great changes in your health journey, especially with your challenges keeping you stuck. “


“Before working with Amber I felt like I was in a prison with respect to food and self-loathing. I spent decades of my life in a state of extremes – yo-yoing between crash diets and restricting with being completely out of control with food and binging. I was miserable and felt ashamed and alone.

Amber helped me understand the “whys” of my patterns and from there helped my introduce strategies to break these cycles. For the first time in my life I do not feel consumed with thoughts of food. I feel comfortable and confident in my own skin. My life is balanced and no longer about extremes.

To my surprise, my journey with Amber went much deeper than my relationship with food. I had no idea that I wasn’t showing up for myself in life. I have learned how to make myself a priority and easily set boundaries without guilt.

Amber is passionate, easy to talk to and has always made me feel safe and not judged. I am extremely grateful for all she has taught me. She has given me back my freedom and a new perspective on life.

Thank you Amber!”

Calgary, AB

“I had been struggling with perfectionism, binge eating and an all or nothing mentality for most of my life. Amber provided me a safe environment to explore my feelings and struggles and taught me tools to get to a place of balance, acceptance, and self love. I no longer emotionally eat and have so much more energy. “
“After enjoying seeing some recipes on Amber’s Instagram feed, I decided to reach out to her as I had been struggling with my weight and emotional eating for years. This was the highest weight I’d ever been at, and I felt so bloated and moody. Once I started to work with Amber, the first step was understanding what was triggering me to go to food. As I started to use self-care to cope with stressors instead of food, I notice my cravings calm down and digestion improve. I also noticed my clothes started to fit looser. A year later I had to go buy a whole new wardrobe because everything got so loose. My family has noticed I’m calmer and happier, I have a closer relationship with my husband and of course I now am feeling more connected to myself. Working with Amber has completely changed my life, I now say yes to myself more rather than everyone else. I don’t need to use food anymore to deal with stressors and feel so free to enjoy healthy indulgence and have lots of healthy food available for myself and my family. This journey has been life changing and is the best investment I’ve ever made. If you are wanting support with emotional eating and gaining balance with your health, you must reach out to Amber.”
“I reached out to Amber because I couldn’t get over my binge eating alone. I read and heard through Amber’s podcast that she had been through binge eating herself so why not trust and reach out to her. One of the biggest achievements of working with Amber is I now have no need to binge and I’m free from food and it’s such a freedom. Words can’t describe how amazing it feels to not use food to deal with stressors anymore. When we began to explore the layers of my health journey, Amber was able to help me work through so many different struggles with me for my body image, digestion, hormones, and health. Amber is very empathetic and connects and builds safety for her clients and it helped me open up to do the deeper work. She makes it easy to connect. I also think that through the time I’ve worked with Amber, the structure of working together was very helpful. We started working on things that I felt comfortable with before getting more vulnerable. Life isn’t the same as it was before. It’s got so many colors and is joyful and I’ve learned how to set boundaries and make myself a priority. I’ve been spending more time doing self-care has made me feel more grounded and stable. Also more aware of many things because I have time to reflect and time to take time to process and not just be too busy. Even my blood sugar is more balanced. When you see that your body isn’t your enemy and when you build love for yourself then you see everything in another light and life becomes so much happier. I cannot put it in words and I am so grateful and thankful for Amber’s support.”
” I made the decision to contact Amber as I had been listening to her podcast for a long time and realized that she would be able to offer the support I needed. After 10 years of fighting with my body and having a negative relationship with food I knew I was ready and needed to make a change. Over the past year Amber has helped me to build awareness and heal my relationship with food and my body. This experience has changed me as I no longer use food to deal with my problems and have learned to set boundaries to support my health. Also, I now recognize how self care must be a priority as it provides a positive way to manage stress and build mind-body connection. I don’t know where I would be right now if I had not reached out to Amber and decided to put myself first. I am so grateful for this experience.”
“At the time, I had been listening to your podcasts for probably about 4-6weeks, and during that time I was amazed at how much I could relate to the very experiences that you were sharing within your podcasts. So many of the stories that you shared hit home for me, as I felt like I had been in those very same shoes, and so I decided to request the 30 minute consultation to learn a little more about your program. Another reason I reached out, was because I was struggling with weight gain.

Right from the start, there was something about our first initial 30 minute conversation that resonated with me. I have to admit there was a part of me that was a little hesitant to commit because I have tried so many other meal plans, fitness programs, and “30 day challenges”, none of which seemed to help me. Following our first initial 30 minute conversation, I think I even told you that I needed a little more time to think about it, as I couldn’t understand how “this program” could be any different from any other one that I had tried before. You had agreed to follow up in about a months’ time, and I am so grateful that you did. I remember during our follow up conversation feeling so overwhelmed with emotion because deep down I knew I needed a change. I just had no idea what that change was.

The support has been amazing in so many different ways.

I had no idea how horrible of a relationship I had with food, but I also had no idea how horrible of a relationship I had with myself.

About 4 years ago I entered a fitness competition. I was in the best shape of my life… Or so I thought. I looked amazing, however inside I had developed extreme criticism of myself as well as a show mentality that affected me, my hormones, and my food choices each and every single day thereafter. As anyone who has competed before knows, that image does not last long as your body is put to extreme tests and cannot usually stay in that condition for long. Eventually you start to put weight back on. PostComp, the weight started to pile on, and my frustrations grew. I became a binge eater. I was in this vicious diet/binge eating cycle consisting of supplement consumption, and food restrictions. Not only that, but I had created this hateful, hurtful, disrespectful relationship with myself. The worst part, was that I had no idea that I was living my life in this neglectful, hurtful, show mentality way. I was not living my life to the fullest, I was merely existing. I truly had lost myself, and was a very unhappy person. Not only that, but I found myself constantly comparing myself to other people.

Fast forward to now, with your guidance I have developed this amazing relationship with myself that allows me to enjoy food without restriction. My digestion is amazing. Bloating is now minimal. I understand and know what foods my body loves, and what foods it does not prefer. I now enjoy a lot of the foods that I was restricted to eating while on a competition diet, and had completely cut out from my diet.

Working with you has been amazing! I feel like this burden has been lifted off my shoulders, because I am no longer thinking all day long about what I should and shouldn’t be eating.

Your support has been truly amazing. I had no idea how much my “show” mentality was affecting me every single day. Not only was it affecting my physical appearance, but it was wreaking havoc on both my emotional and digestive system as well. And to make matters worse, I became so critical, judgmental, hateful towards myself. I was stuck in this rut of feeling unworthy, and had become so disconnected with myself and the “little girl” inside that I was not living my life. I was merely existing.

The support has impacted me in so many different aspects of my life, not only with my relationship with food, but with my relationship with friends, family, and fiancé. There is this huge feeling of freedom that has been created because I have broken down the barriers that I had set for myself. It is so empowering to finally honor myself, and stand in my truth.

I have made so many changes. The biggest of all would be making time for myself. Through your coaching I have experienced how incredibly important self-care is and how much it benefits and influences every aspect of our day to day lives.

Not only am I eating better, but I am so much happier. I feel more compelled to reach for a healthy snack out of impulse, rather than out of restriction. I have cut out certain foods that I know seem to agitate my body. At first it seemed uncomfortable because it meant I needed to find replacements for those items. One item that I have cut out from my diet is dairy. Ice Cream used to be my weakness, and now I no longer crave it.

One of the biggest take homes I have received through your support is the appreciation of myself, my body, and everything that I am capable of.

Amber, You are such an inspiration to women of all ages.

I would encourage anyone feeling “stuck” in any aspect of their life, to reach out to Amber and have that initial conversation, because I truly believe you will benefit in more ways than you ever could think possible. And to those fellow entrepreneurs, who work endless hours, this program is so worth the time! Self-Care is so important! And after all, the best investment you can make is in yourself.”

“I reached out to Amber after listening to her podcast. She was speaking to me, everything she said was connecting to me. I felt it wanted to make a change because I was tired of living a certain way. Once I started I wanted to keep going. The bumps in the road helped me learn. They helped me to build awareness with my body. Amber’s support helped me build a mindful relationship with food. I became aware of what I was putting into my body. I feel better overall because of it. I didn’t realize how damaging emotional eating was until I overcame it. Overcoming emotional eating eliminated my cravings and digestive symptoms. It also improved my energy levels, and I stopped feeling sick after indulgent meals. I also don’t feel the need to go to food when I feel stressed out. Working on my mindset also helped me understand where the emotional eating came from, and helped me build more confidence. Confident with myself, confident with my body and with my food choices. I also feel confident setting boundaries wherever I need to, to make time for myself again. I recommend anyone seek out support from Amber who needs it. Know she will give you the proper tools and support to set you on the right path.”
“When I first met Amber last year, I was not in a good place. I was 2 years divorced but not at all happy about it. It broke my heart. I felt in a spiral in my own health. I didn’t realize how deep seated things were at the time. I remember swallowing food and crying. I turned to food, negative self-talk, alcohol, to the point where one day I just went, “I don’t feel well and I need to stop punishing myself and treating myself so poorly because no one else is noticing.” It was all self-inflicted. I hit rock bottom. I thought if I don’t do something today, it’s just going to get worse and I wanted it to stop. I saw Amber a couple of times on TV and read her story and realized she has lived it. That helped me to gain trust. I doubted how someone younger with less life experience could help me at the time. After the first meeting, I know I was climbing back up the right way. I knew I wasn’t going to hit rock bottom anymore. Working through the emotions, sharing my story when no one else cared or understood what an impact it had on my health was huge because that started to support a shift in the mind and the negative self-talk. The mindset and changes of my thought process and how I took care of myself completely changed. It helped me learn how to deal with my emotions without food, and therefore gain freedom from sabotage with food. I now have balanced digestion, better energy, have lost the weight and enjoy nourishing my body with foods that make me feel great.

Because Amber lived this, her knowledge and relatability is extensive and it really works. Her support was priceless and if I messed up I just got back on track with no judgement. One of the best things of this year was going through the stuff, past, present and future, what was holding me back, what wasn’t, why I wasn’t healthy. And that is a whole lot of mental stuff and that is the absolute diamond of this whole year. I can’t thank you enough for the way your process works. This support is unlike any other because it actually addressed the mindset and what we do on a daily basis. This program is life changing. I’m so grateful that I crossed paths with Amber.”

“Working with Amber for a year was life changing. I didn’t realize how long I spent putting myself last and how it impacted my health. I learned why I wanted to emotionally eat and ended that habit. I also balanced my digestion, added in more variety of different foods and lost weight that was hindering my health. Amber provided me with so much knowledge, education and support that I know I will be using for life. Thank you for all of your help.”
“After working with Amber through her 8 week Group Program I see a shift in every area of my life. I have stopped emotionally eating and now eat to fuel my body. Food is no longer the enemy to me, it now supports my health. My digestion is improving and my cravings are gone. My relationships are improving all around me and I feel bad ass saying no more and putting myself first. I’ve also built the confidence to increase my rates and prices in my business. I look forward to continuing this journey, it’s life changing.”
“I was always a diet kind of person and had always struggled with my weight and food. I would use food to deal with stress, or if I was bored, or feeling overwhelmed because I had too many tasks on my plate. Then I met Amber. Her unique approach to support me to build a healthy relationship with food and help me be free from my food addiction was something I never thought possible. Fast forward one year and I no longer eat for stress or boredom reasons but instead because I’m actually hungry. I’ve also lost 30 pounds, my clothes feel amazing, I have so much energy and I’ve learned how to take time to take care of me. I only know I will continue to enjoy this journey and can’t thank Amber enough for her help.”
“For the last 20 years I’ve struggled with major digestive issues and low energy and have never been able to figure out why until I saw Amber. Her knowledge and thorough investigation of my symptoms and support helped me more than I could imagine. I’ve never had such high energy levels, and my tummy has never been happier. Thank you to Amber for helping me with this struggles that I thought I’d never be free of.”
“I worked with Amber for over a year and can say after seeing countless doctors and health care practitioners about my struggles to lose weight, exhaustion and hormone imbalances over years, I have finally found balance! I have so much energy, my digestion is working properly without feeling bloated, I’ve balanced my hormones and have also lost the weight I wanted to without dieting or fighting with my body. If you feel like you haven’t gotten the answers or support you really seek to feel amazing and lose weight in a healthy way, I highly recommend Amber’s services to get you there.”
“Working with Amber truly changed my life. I’ve always put everyone else first, and have always used food to deal with my stress and emotions. After getting her support, I no longer use food to cope with my stressors, am now taking time to take care of me and have tried so many new and wonderful foods and recipes that taste amazing and are giving me more energy. If you are struggling with healthy eating and feel overwhelmed at where to start you should definitely seek Amber’s support.”
“I started working with Amber 6 months ago and was struggling with emotional eating, exhaustion, putting myself last and disliking the way my body looked. I also had really bad sugar cravings and was always bloated. After having a baby I was pressuring myself to get back to my pre-baby weight and had struggles losing weight. After going through this journey with Amber, I feel like a completely new woman. I don’t emotionally eat anymore, I have tons of energy, my digestion feels great and don’t have any cravings. I’ve also learned how to make myself a priority, do daily self-care and am really learning to love me. I can’t thank Amber enough for helping me to find my true self. I would highly recommend her if you are struggling with emotional eating and any health issues.”
“Amber was the keynote speaker at our Be Well Retreat. Her candid and captivating opening remarks really connected with guests and set the tone for the day. Subsequent presenters referred to Amber’s themes of self care and compassion repeatedly, which demonstrated that her work transcends modalities and is relevant to anyone striving to live a happier and healthier life. We highly recommend Amber!”
Founder & President at REAP Business Association
“I have a long history of binging and starvation cycles. I sought Amber’s help when I was at my deepest low when food was the only thing on my mind. I was in a food prison, obsessing about what to eat and what to not eat, procrastinating work by checking for recipes, struggling focusing, no sleep, feeling disgusted with my body, depressed, no digestion, preventing myself from all kinds of social activities, feeling not worthy of love… Amber introduced me various tools to build self-connection and self-love, which seemed unimaginable at the time. She offered endless loving support and enthusiasm along the way, which enabled me to keep focus on being consistent with my new healthy path. I managed to build a new healthy and self-loving personality who always puts themselves first and has no need, nor no interest in overeating or starving herself. I enjoy good food and I regularly eat out, but my life does not center around food and I do not feel guilty about enjoying a lovely meal, nor do I feel tempted to overeat. I also managed to find focus and energy, have regular bowel movements, build a beautiful self-awareness and self-connection, allow myself to enter a loving relationship. Treating myself to working with Amber has been one of the best gifts I have given myself.”
” I had the opportunity to hear Amber speak at our ‘Ace Babes who Brunch’ event this past weekend and I was completely blown away. Amber spoke with vulnerability and relatability that had the crowd nodding and note taking along the way. Her natural ability to empower others was fully present and Amber seemed calm, cool and collected while digging deep into her personal story. Amber made me feel comfortable with my own experiences with negative self talk or body image and inspired me to self reflect and confront past experiences that are holding me back. I’m so grateful to have had Amber as our speaker and I can’t wait to create a deeper conversation to further inspire our community to live their best lives without barriers, with healthy boundaries.”
” Words cannot express my gratitude for Amber! I have made more significant changes working with her in the last six months than I have in the past 4 or 5 years on my own. My digestion is SO much better than what it used to be – I no longer suffer from pain, bloating and indigestion every time I eat. While the physical healing I have experienced has been amazing, the most valuable change she helped me make was repairing my (unhealthy) relationship with food and myself. I no longer fear someone suggesting we go out for a meal, or having internalized panic attacks in the grocery store when my boyfriend puts a non-organic food item in the cart. She also taught me the value of self-care and that the relationship I have with myself is just as important as, if not more than, the relationships I have with others. She not only teaches you these things, but actually guides you through step by step to achieve them. I have a whole new perspective on life and what it means to be healthy and things are finally starting to feel BALANCED in all areas! 10/10 would recommend her to anyone struggling with any health and/or emotional imbalances.”
“I just finished up my year of working with Amber. She is so great and understanding and patient. During the first 6 months or so I was resistant to do the work, but she never gave up on me and kept giving me the tools to work through my resistance. I have finally gotten below the 200 lb mark and feel freedom that I haven’t felt for a long time. I will continue to use the tools Amber gave me to continue on this journey and stay binge free. She is a beautiful soul and really wants you to have the freedom you deserve. Don’t hesitate to work with her.”
“After struggling with some health issues and not getting the answers I sought while fighting with my body to lose weight I felt overwhelmed. Every week I hear you on the podcast speak about listening to your body and getting a second opinion as their maybe something else going on, etc. I know of a Naturopathic doctor in my area who is also an herbalist. I struggled to see her because of money. She doesn’t accept insurance and it would have to all be an out of pocket for me. I really struggled to make an appointment but listening to your podcast every week forced me to make a change. I saw her this past Tuesday. She put me on a natural food enzyme supplement designed to help my kidneys cleanse and a digestive enzymes to ensure that when I do eat, my body is absorbing all of the nutrients. She told me that lack of appetite is a direct symptom of chronic kidney disease as well as the low back pain. Over time she said my appetite will normalize as well as my entire body. After seeing her Tuesday I began to feel better the very next day. I urinate like a normal healthy person should and I have increased energy!

I had stopped worrying about weight when I realized after listening to your podcast that health is most important and when the body gets into alignment the body will begin to release weight. I got on the scale yesterday and I’m down 3 pounds. I know this is coming from my body (kidneys especially) beginning to heal.

I wrote all this to tell you that if it were not for your podcast I would have just accepted what a medical doctor told me and lived with it. Weekly I listen your Sundays podcast at least twice during my week while working. Your knowledge is priceless. Thank you for doing what you do. When I say it changes lives, it literally does because it’s changing mine! “

“When I was first introduced to Amber by a friend of mine, I was at a complete loss of what to do for my 11 year old son. He had been struggling with a health issue for almost 2 years and doctors could not find anything wrong. Every 3-4 months he would be sick for 2-3 days, buckled over in pain and vomiting. With Amber’s guidance, we were able to determine Cale’s food sensitivities, find healthy, delicious alternatives that he LOVES, and get his body back to its natural healthy state again.

Not only has working with Amber made an incredible difference for my son, it has also prompted healthy changes for our entire family. Today, if it’s not “Amber Approved”, it doesn’t go in the shopping cart!

Amber, we cannot thank you enough for everything that you have done. We couldn’t have done it without you!”

“I worked with Amber for 6 months and it changed everything for me. I suffered from disordered eating and eating disorders for almost ten years and my body image was at rock bottom. It affected all areas of my life.

After a big move to a new country, I felt lost and depressed. Amber helped me pull myself out of the hole and take on healthy self-care practices that created a positive and powerful mindset.

She helped me realize that my relationship with food was not the only thing I needed support with. Wanting to people-please and never standing up for myself were the root causes of my eating disorders and my feelings of despair. I never felt good enough or lovable and I always attracted situations that seemed to prove that to me. It created a ripple effect, where it seemed that I would never be able to truly find myself and be happy.

Fast-forward 6 months, I have switched career paths and am on my way to making my passion my career. I am so excited for everything the universe has in store for me and I am at peace with who I am. I no longer struggle to set boundaries with people or make myself a priority. I surround myself with people, who support my goals and who love me for who I am. It is a feeling of freedom and endless opportunities.

Amber created a safe space for me, where I could share my struggles with food and my feelings of not being good enough. She provided me with plenty of tools to take care of myself mentally, physically and emotionally and was there along the way to cheer me on for every little step I took to free myself from my self-sabotaging habits.

Of course I still have bad days, but I have managed to mostly move away from using food to calm my anxiety. I also don’t put myself down for having an off day. It is all part of the journey. Being more in tune with my body allows me to give her what she needs at any given moment and truly allow for self-care as well as taking enough time for myself to slow down if I need to.

Last but not least, I was suffering from hypothalamic amenorrhea for 2 years and I finally have my period back, which was also one of my goals. Thank you for all your coaching and support, Amber. I couldn’t be more grateful. “

“I have been struggling with binge-restriction cycles since I was about 14 years old (I am now 28). I was chubby as a child, but from 14 years old onwards I have been very skinny to normal, never particularly fat. Yet I have always, ever since I can remember, felt fat and not good enough in my body. Two years ago things got particularly bad when I broke up with my partner and moved to another country. 7 months ago, when I started my journey towards body-freedom with Amber, I was incredibly insecure, overworked, stressed, anxious, having troubles
sleeping, fatigued, depressed, disgusted with my body, completely out of touch with myself and my body. On top of this, I was completely obsessed with food and I was binging several times per week. I spent all my free time hiding from the world, obsessing about food, numbing myself with binging and feeling disgusted with myself.

Over the last few months, Amber helped me to rebuild a new identity which can be characterized by confidence, positivity, energy, openness, love and understanding towards herself and her body. Never-ever had I thought I would experience not having any food cravings – yet this is my reality now! Of course, I struggle in stressful periods, and I even fail occasionally. And Amber is so wonderful in helping me understand, love and accept myself during the entire journey, even when I struggle or when I actually succumb to emotional eating. I cannot imagine going back to those self-sabotaging and self-hating practices and I wish the same to everyone! If you struggle with similar challenges, go ahead and book a consult with Amber. I am sure you will enjoy working with her, as she is incredibly compassionate, encouraging, helpful, and just lovely. Life is so beautiful when you open up to it!

Thank you so much for all of your support! I am really excited about working together in the months to come!”

“After having a baby just over 10 months ago, I’ve been working with Amber, I’ve never felt better! I’ve learned so much from her, our family has done a complete 360 in the way we eat, what we eat and how we grocery shop. She has also taught me about the importance of self care. It has changed my life! Amber is amazing.”
“I started seeing Amber in January after struggling for years with digestive issues, low energy and awful eczema. She was very thorough in her approach helping me identify my food sensitivities, also that there were digestive imbalances that were contributing to my inflammation and skin issues. After working with Amber for 6 months my digestion is working extremely well, my skin has completely cleared up and I no longer have skin issues and my food sensitivities are gone. I would highly recommend Amber to anyone looking to help balance their health struggles. Thanks Amber.”
“I have so much love for this girl! @amberromaniuk is doing great things. If I could have someone I care about listen to one podcast, it would be hers! She gets to the point: health is not about the scale, or what workouts we’re doing, or even what food we are eating. Health is about feeding abundance and self-love. Health is about finding inner peace and joy that is sustainable- good times and bad. Focusing on the mind-body connection will lead us to the choices that help us grow.

This episode was especially good. Get out your pen and paper! You will want to take notes…”

“I finally got to listen to the podcast this morning and even left a review! Thank you for shedding some light on candida and candida protocol, etc, as per my question. You are a real light in my world, Amber.”
“Last week I caught myself having a self-sabotaging tendency. Before it got carried away, I started repeating the phrase “I am enough, I am enough”. After my mantra and a short yoga practice, I brought everything back into perspective. I credit it to you, Amber, for being the voice of reason in my back of my mind. Thank you.”
“I love this podcast. I think for years I’d actually felt guilty about taking time for me. Now through this podcast I’ve realized that there’s no need for feeling guilty. Self-care IS a necessity. How can we truly be effective to those we love if don’t have self care?

We can’t and I know that now. I schedule a massage ?once every 2 weeks, drink Tulsi Tea️ to relax at nights and have incorporated many other things to boost my self-care.

Self-care: best thing EVER! “

“A new learning I have come to adapt in my life since listening to Amber; is to schedule time for ME!! Life is so hectic and I have only just noticed that when I don’t do things for myself is when I am triggered and the most vulnerable to binge eating. It’s a long journey but No Sugarcoating is definitely making the journey positive and motivating. xoxoxox”
“I am 31 years old, and like so many women (and men) I’m an emotional eater and have been since my teens. I used to avoid dealing with stress and conflict by turning to partying, alcohol, and of course food. But about a year and a half ago I found my passion for fitness, so curtailed the drinking significantly. I competed in my first fitness competition in May 2013, having lost about 50 pounds in total. But in returning to “normal” life afterwards, I had some major struggles with food, and found myself using food to avoid dealing with all my feelings, even more than before I lost the weight. I felt stuck, and was starting to think that this was my fate for the rest of my life; I was a weak human being who would never be able to get off this rollercoaster, and I was never going to be happy. Then I met Amber. My mom says that everyone comes into your life for a reason. I met Amber randomly through a mutual friend. We instantly clicked – she is such a warm, lovely person and incredibly easy to talk to! I’ve never met someone with such great energy.

A few days later I checked out her website. As I was reading her personal story, I actually started to cry! I honestly didn’t think that anyone could relate to what I was going through; I had felt so alone before. But hearing her story was like looking in a mirror. For the first time ever, I felt like maybe, just maybe, I could get a handle on things. So I started seeing her. Amber started out by helping me learn to forgive myself, to realize that I’m only human and that it’s ok to not be perfect! She also helped me start eating foods to nourish my body, and in doing this, my binging started to happen less and less frequently!

It was not an easy road at first; when I started to not turn to food to deal with my emotions, I had to actually deal with my emotions! And that was very overwhelming at first. Amber was so amazing at helping me through this. She is so easy to talk to, and I left every session with her feeling positive, refreshed, and excited to keep moving forward. She also taught me some great coping tools that I am still putting into practice every day. 3 months after meeting Amber, I still have work to do. But when I look in the mirror, I like what I see. I’m starting to love myself. I’m “feeling my feelings” for the first time, and in doing that, I am really figuring out who I am. I feel like there is an entire world of happiness and opportunity for me that I didn’t think was ever in my grasp. I honestly can say I would not be here without Amber. I feel like she saved me – well actually, she showed me how to save myself! Everyone’s story is different and everyone needs a personalized approach. But that’s why Amber is great – she’s very intuitive and has an ability to connect with people on their level. She is absolutely doing what she was put on this planet to do, and she came into my life when I needed her the most. My mom – as always – was right.”

“Amber was the keynote speaker at our Be Well Retreat. Her candid and captivating opening remarks really connected with guests and set the tone for the day. Subsequent presenters referred to Amber’s themes of self care and compassion repeatedly, which demonstrated that her work transcends modalities and is relevant to anyone striving to live a happier and healthier life. We highly recommend Amber!”
“Dear Amber, I just wanted to say thank you so much for taking the time to come and share your wisdom, your experience and expertise with my attendees at the Urban Girlfriends Getaway”


Your story was heart felt and touching and so many of us women can really relate to the pressures that come with trying so hard to fit in and to be “perfect”. You shared such valuable and tangible information with tips and strategies for healthy eating that can be easily implemented into daily living without feeling like we need to always be on guard or that we have to give up everything to eat healthy.

I really appreciate your ability to be flexible when my other speaker went over time. You were able to deliver a wonderful message about taking care of ourselves without missing a beat when your timing was shorted by 10 minutes.

I especially loved the seasonal holiday tips that helped put us all at ease being around an abundance of treats and goodies at Christmas time.

I look forward to having you back some time at another one of my events and to staying in touch.

Take good care and thank you again so very much!!”


“I just want to take a minute to tell you how happy I was to meet Amber. I went to see her for a consultation regarding my two toddlers. They have been unsettled and unwell over the past year, and the doctors haven’t been able to find anything wrong with their health.

I filled out my paperwork before my appointment with Amber, and before we even discussed much she suggested they may be some digestive and intestinal imbalances going on with the kids, in particular with Candida.

I won’t lie, the diet recommendations were hard to follow at first, really hard. But I followed her instructions to a T, and within 10 days my kids’ behavior was back to normal and no more tummy aches. My daughter also stopped having nightmares and they each gained 2 pounds on their skinny little bodies in the first 2 weeks. This was an accomplishment for us! I am proud to refer Amber to friends, clients and colleagues, and will continue to do so. There is no greater gift to a parent than healthy and happy kids.”

“Over the past six months, Amber has been working with me to help me improve my eating habits and teaching me how to nourish my body properly. I am always on the run, I hardly ever ate breakfast, and I was eating fast food almost daily, and my family was concerned about my lack of nutrition. Amber had me complete a nutritional assessment to determine my health concerns, and she provided a wealth of information and resources for me.

First thing she convinced me that eating a healthy breakfast every day was critical to ensure I wasn’t starving my body. She provided me with healthy options over refined foods, and lots of recipes and quick and easy tasty on-the-go snacks. Amber also convinced me to try gluten-free, dairy-free and nutrient-rich alternatives to sugar, and to my surprise, I found myself enjoying these foods as well.

Despite the fact that I am still very busy, I am feeling energetic and well-rested, all systems are functioning well and I am healthy and happy to be taking the time to eat properly and take care of myself. I am impressed with Amber’s knowledge and expertise in the field of nutrition and her ability to encourage and motivate people like me. Thank you Amber for helping me feel young and healthy again! I will be pleased to refer others to you for their health’s sake.”

“Amber has changed my life! I went for years not knowing what was wrong with me and why I felt so crummy. I went to many different doctors and had several tests completed. Some diagnosed me with something but then gave me next to no help on how to get better. The first time I met amber I knew that I was in the right place. She completely understood me and what I was going through. She was able to explain what was wrong with me and give me concrete ways on how to start feeling better. She sent me emails after our visit so I had the information I needed to be successful. She is a compassionate person that GETS real life and the setbacks life throws at you. I have referred people to amber in the past and wouldn’t hesitate to do so again. She will help change your life too.”
“I came to see Amber after deciding to make big changes in my life to support a healthy, fit, and sustainable lifestyle. I needed help and wanted clarity on the urban legends, engrained falsehoods, and cultural “truths” to the science of nutrition. To me, that is the key to truly understanding what I eat, why, and how to make that sustainable and enjoyable without any crazy diets and or pills. I’ve learned everything from how the body processes certain foods like sugar, protein, dairy, gluten, carbs, fats and nuts to the emotional aspects of eating. Amber’s sessions are filled with great insight and her guidance is compassionate and supportive. After a short time with Amber I am armed with an education that I can use for the rest of my life!”
“Dear Amber, When we began our sessions three months ago, I knew there were diet related issues going wrong in my body, and other problems that could be addressed naturally. Last year was very stressful, and one of my goals for this year was to move into a place of greater health with a natural approach. My frustration with my family doctor was that she only seems to have two tools – drugs and surgeries. I knew there are alternative and naturopathic ways of getting to the sources of issues and not just treating symptoms.

I am so glad I came to you for help. Your understanding of how the body responds to different foods, and how problems can be addressed with natural means including supplements, has resulted in dramatic changes.

Thank you for sending me for the most extensive blood work I have ever had – blood work my own doctor refused to do – so that we could learn what was going on with hormones, stress levels, energy levels, and address them.

Thanks to the dietary changes and supplements you recommended, I am off anti-depressants and sleeping pills, and I have better moods, better sleep, and more energy. I cannot thank you enough for your advice, encouragement, and your extensive knowledge of the relationship between nutrients in foods and supplements and my specific health issues. You have been a better doctor to me than my GP has ever been.

I will not hesitate to recommend you to others as I am a huge believer now in what you do. I have the results to prove it.

You are terrific!”

“She takes the time to pay attention to detail with what I request and does not make me feel overwhelmed with making these new lifestyle changes. I can now say I am excited about food and what I am eating and know I don’t have to be deprived whether it’s at home in the kitchen or out at a restaurant. “
“I have been working with Amber for 6 months now and feel like a completely new person. When I first came in, my digestion was extremely sensitive, I could barely eat anything, my skin was breaking out, I had rosacea and an old injury that just didn’t seem to want to heal.

After Amber helped me to identify I had some digestive imbalances including Candida we got to work right away to balance my digestion. After about 2 months all of my digestive pains and bloating had completely disappeared. My skin and rosacea cleared and I no longer felt uncomfortable in my own skin.

One of the biggest surprises was going for a bone scan to see an old injury, not only to see it had healed, but actually that it had gotten stronger, rather than weaker like the doctor said it would.

I have been able to add in lots of healthy foods to keep my satisfied and am so thankful that I had Amber to help me on this journey. I would highly recommend her to anyone that wants the support and answers you have been looking for, but that no one else has been able to give you. She is truly an expert in her field!”

“I came to Amber with about 20 pounds to lose, largely in my abdominal area, as well as lots of digestive discomforts that I have been struggling with for years. We jumped in right away and identified some food sensitivities that were contributing to the problem.

I swear after a week I was already feeling so much better. My digestive discomforts had gone away and I was able to easily identify which foods bothered me, and stay away from them. Now are 3 months into our program and I’ve lost over 15 pounds, my waist has gone down over 6 inches and all of my clothes are almost to the point of fitting too large.

Amber really knows how to address all the different layers of the body including my energy levels, digestive balance, cravings and which foods best support my body. I also really enjoyed one of her bonus options of her program including a grocery store trip which helped me to really identify reading labels and finding hidden sugar.

I highly recommend Amber as she really is very knowledged in her field and can provide instant results to those she works with because she deeply understands what they are dealing with.

Thank you Amber for helping to get me to optimal health.”

“When I started to work with Amber I was exhausted, craving sugar like crazy and had no idea why my body was acting this way. She was able to help me identify that I had some digestive imbalances and imbalances with my adrenals that were contributing to my symptoms.

After eliminating refined sugars, eating more foods to boost my energy and balancing my digestion, I have been feeling amazing ever since. I feel like the tools Amber has given to me will be with me for life, and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to reach higher energy levels and be free of their annoying cravings. Thanks Amber! “

“I have been working with Amber for a while now and I can really say she has helped me to change my life. I used to turn to food in stressful situations and had a serious issue with binge eating.

After about 6 months of working with Amber, I had gotten my binging to a minimum and my cravings for sugar were lessening. Now, in my second 6 months with Amber, I have completely stopped binging, no longer crave sugar or fast food and am feeling freedom from my old habits.

She has also helped me to identify why my energy is so low and now we are working on balancing that. I feel so confident in Amber’s expertise and am a completely different person because of it. Amber I really owe you my life as the one I was living was full of suffering, and now it’s full of happiness.

For anyone who is suffering with binge eating or body image struggles, I highly recommend you reach out to Amber because she understands what she is going through since she went through it as well. I think that gives her a huge edge in understanding her clients.”

“When we first came to see Amber our eating was a mess. We pretty much just ate out of boxes and packages all the time and were a bit hesitant about how healthy eating would make us feel better.

Amber took us at a mindful pace and slowly started to help us to change the ingredients in our cupboards to healthier ones. We found going grocery shopping with her to also be very useful as we really learned how to read labels.

Amber also had recipes for everything we needed with healthier ingredients so we didn’t and don’t feel deprived at all with the transition to healthier eating. Our energy is better and I’ve lost over 15 pounds and still counting.

We now have made the healthy lifestyle changes we’ve wanted to for ages and know we will never go back to our old ways. Thanks for your help Amber!”

“I had always wanted help with figuring out the foods I was sensitive to but hadn’t found the right person to help. One of the first things that I did with Amber was identify my sensitivities to wheat and dairy which helped me to more easily eliminate them.

I started to feel relief right away and instantly my stomach was feeling better. I wasn’t getting bloated anymore, which was one of my biggest frustrations.

My moods also improved, and so did my energy. I am so happy I found Amber, she really helped me to eliminate my symptoms so I could be happier with my body.”

“When I started to see Amber I was bloated, craving sugar and bread all the time, and emotionally eating to help deal with my depression. I was just overwhelmed.

Amber was able to help me identify that I was struggling with Candida which can affect the mind and the body. She also was able to help coach me through my emotional eating struggles and help me to make more mindful choices so I could take better care of myself.

After eliminating the Candida I felt so much better, my brain fog is gone, I have better mental clarity and my mood is light and happy. I am no longer bloated and am no longer craving sugar either.

I no longer use food to cope with my emotions and this is all thanks to Amber. I feel a new freedom I haven’t felt in a long time and would highly recommend Amber to help support you with your food journey.”

“When I first started working with Amber I was consuming a lot of aspartame and didn’t even realize it. I had to have my diet pop and other foods with it because I couldn’t stop craving them. I guess in a way I realized that I was pretty much addicted to them.

Amber helped me to identify this and get me off of aspartame. She also helped to support me to balance my body so I could get off of my depression and high cholesterol medications by my doctors call. It feels great to be prescription free and no longer have any cravings for aspartame products.

Thank you Amber for helping me to get healthier so I can lead a better life.”

“Upon coming to see Amber I had had a serious problem with food addiction and emotional eating. I was almost 300 pounds and had yo-yo’d up and down for the last 10 years of my life. I was so tired of this, and of looking at my body seeing what I had done to it but had no idea how to stop.

I wanted to get more into working out but was concerned because of my weight. Upon sitting down with Amber at our first assessment I felt like I was in the right place. Because she shared her personal story about her own past struggles of food addiction, I was instantly able to relate and trust her. I finally had a feeling of hope that someone would be able to help me.

She has been supporting me to clean up my eating, and become aware of why I want to emotionally eat instead of deal with my emotions. I’ve already lost over 30 pounds, have better energy, improved digestion and am finding my workouts easier every week.
I am now fitting into clothing sizes I have never been able to wear, and feel like for the first time in my life I won’t fall back into old habits and gain all of the weight back. I am excited to keep working with Amber as her coaching has been a huge reason for my continued success, without it I don’t know if I would still be moving forward and for that I thank you.

For anyone dealing with food addiction or emotional eating, Amber is your girl, she knows what you are dealing with and I guarantee she can help you. Don’t wait any longer, get started with freedom from food now!”

“I started seeing Amber late in the fall and was so frustrated with my weight. It was easy to gain, and I could never lose it, and for over 10 years would gain and lose the same 2-3 pounds over and over. I knew this wasn’t meant to be.

After being assessed by Amber we started to do the work to clean up my eating. We eliminated foods that my body wasn’t responding well too, and cleared up my digestive issues. I am happy to share, that after 10 years, the weight is started to drop off, I have lost over 15 pounds and am still going. I will continue to work with Amber until I see all the weight come off as I am not sure I would have been able to lose the weight without her.

If you are feeling stuck with your weight I highly recommend coming to see Amber as she is really an expert with helping to figure out WHY nothing is changing. She won’t stop until she helps you to figure it out. Thanks Amber, excited to continue to work with you.”

“We sought out Amber’s help to help clean up our eating and lose weight. We figured we were doing a good job but Amber pointed out that there were a lot of hidden ingredients that were interfering with our goals.

We really found it valuable to try new foods, learn how to read labels while grocery shopping and we have lost the weight we wanted with Amber. We now have great tools to use for the rest of our lives and are very thankful to have met Amber.”

“We started our health journey and really had no idea how to eat properly. After starting to work with Amber, we were able to start cleaning up our eating. We also realized we were struggling with digestive issues and emotional eating which we really weren’t even aware of because we always ate when we were bored or stressed.

We have lost almost all of the weight we’ve wanted to lose, and now have completely changed the way we eat. Our energy is higher, our cravings are gone and we no longer have any tummy issues. Thanks Amber for equipping us with the education and tools that we needed to make healthy lifestyle changes, lose weight and feel more confident.”

“I had no idea how to cook, and I really wanted to improve my eating habits, but without knowing how to cook it seemed impossible. Amber offered my a special VIP cooking day for 5 hours and I bought all the groceries and she came and showed me how to make about 8 different dishes.

I now am able to make chilli, stir-fry, salads and dressings, cook eggs, pie, apple crisp and more. I now prep all of my food ahead of time and am eating healthy and feeling satisfied all the time. Amber also has great recipes that are delicious and easy to make.”

“Dear Amber, I woke up feeling refreshed and awake. It was not to long ago I meet you at your office for a meeting about my dietary symptoms. I was constantly feeling sluggish, tired, and unable to digest most foods. With a few assessment tools you had and your vast knowledge of Nutrition and presenting symptoms you were quick to make an action plan.

The programs that you provide for your clients makes the change to better eating comfortable and achievable. What I really enjoyed about your options is that you were able to taylor your program to my personal situation. You are able to help a person who has not ever address their dietary needs right up to someone who is constantly working on a clean eating. As your support ranged from a personal shopping trip to phone calls and or emails it was easy to get on the right track to feeling better.

I feel that these program quailites are why your clients are successful! I will not, and do not hesitate to talk openly about your services and what makes them so unique. Your clients are left feeling better, stronger and over all well. Thank you for taking the time to work with me in the past few months so that I may acheive optimal health!

As health and nutrition are ever changing I will not hesitate to stop by again for a tune up and progress update in the future. I am extremly happy that I can referr friends, family, co-workers, and clients to you!

With the Amber approved approach optimal health is achievable for anyone.”

“I most highly recommend your guidance in helping me make healthy changes in my eating habits.

You showed me that eating better is not boring; it is both healthy and interesting. Eating better is a matter of choice. I read labels, buy whole foods, and keep fresh fruit and vegetables around for nourishing snacks. I try to drink 2 liters of water every day.

I learned how gluten, dairy, refined sugar and alcohol negatively affect my body. You gave me lists of foods that fight heavy metals in the blood, foods that support my liver and foods that are anti-inflammatory. Green is good! Most foods on the lists are my favourites so eating more of them is easy. Apples, berries, cabbage, bananas, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower and avocadoes are readily available year around.

I love your 80/20 rule for eating healthy vs. less nourishing foods. Your compassion and understanding of human nature accepts that your clients will sometimes struggle to reach their goals. I came to see you feeling tired, bloated and brain-fogged. My diet was 20/80 so I had a lot to improve upon and you supported me throughout my journey.

When people say to me, “You are looking healthy, you’re looking good actually, and did you lose a few pounds?” I feel proud.

After four months working with you I am re-energized. My thinking is clearer and my sleeps are deeper. I feel much younger than the calendar says I am.

For all that you have done for me I say thank you.”

“I originally went to see Amber for help with weight loss. She helped me to realize that the high volume of sugar in my diet was preventing me from losing weight. With her coaching to eliminate sugar from my diet, I was successful in losing weight. In addition to helping me with weight loss, Amber offered lots of tips, recipes and approaches for healthy eating without sugar. With her support, I have been successful at maintaining my weight and eating a healthy, well balanced diet. This has resulted in a high energy level, minimal cravings and a positive body image.”
“A tremendous THANK YOU for this podcast. It has literally transformed my life and thought process. By implementing self love and kind thoughts, the severe inflammation I had from lupus (and truthfully, inflammatory statements I made to myself) is down TREMENDOUSLY (all in just under 2 weeks). I’m truly amazed. Thank you for sharing your story.”
“WOW and I say WOW again. I have literally listened to this episode over and over all day today while working at my desk. I’m gaining so much valuable info every time. I really appreciate you and Leanne equally tremendously. Thru this podcast I’ve learned to love self care. Thank you so much. I love hip hop too Amber. I take @crunkcardio fitness classes and it’s so fun. I love hip hop too. Again keep doing what you 2 are doing. I feel balanced now and it’s been because of this podcast.”

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