What is Body Freedom™?

I can say with great confidence… there is no freedom in being stuck in a diet mentality, depriving yourself, exercising to the max, dealing with debilitating body symptoms or beating yourself up with degrading self-talk. There is so much more to life than obsessing about food, counting calories, and fixating on the number on the scale. 

Yet many women globally struggle with these very things. Body insecurities, weight struggles and regularly feeling overwhelmed can impact all areas of your life — your relationships, work, parenting, finances and more. Imagine what frees up when you are not worrying about them. More joy. Deeper connection. Greater self-love. Increased energy. More life memories created.

No regrets!

A New Way to Live

When I chose to overcome my food addiction,

I first had to realize that I couldn’t just try a new diet or new exercise program, I had to step into a new way to live — a new way to see myself, love myself, nourish my body, deal with stress, set up my schedule, and manage my energy.

I had to respect and treat myself kindly. I had to learn to listen to my body and do what she was telling me, even when it wasn’t convenient. As I did, my self-love grew, my confidence expanded. I made better choices. And from those choices, I gained energy. I wasn’t battling food cravings. My digestion calmed. I began to have more fun and joy, all because I was more present.


Optimal Health through Body Freedom™

When I work with women, we are addressing things on many levels — physically, emotionally, mentally and energetically — to create lasting change. The diagram shows eight of the most common symptoms I see that impact a woman’s ability to achieve optimal health and an ideal weight.

Through our work together, we focus on:

  • Addressing food sensitivities and hormonal imbalances through a thorough health assessment to see what is contributing to inflammation in the body that can be a major block to weight loss.
  • Understanding how your habits and symptoms are impacting your health, mood and weight.
  • Calming the digestion system so it’s not inflamed and can work optimally. Your gut is a key indicator of overall health and brain function.
  • Gifting you tools and strategies to deal with food cravings and emotional eating triggers and give you healthy alternatives so you don’t feel deprived.
  • Examining your schedule to see how we can free up time for deep self-care and body nourishment.
  • Uncovering the hidden beliefs that stop you from prioritizing yourself and helping you strengthen boundaries.
  • And as you do this…you re-discover your power, your intuition, being an empath and more. The deeper parts of you that I can help you fine tune.
As each of these eight areas are addressed and beyond, you gain Body Freedom™ and that sense of being unstoppable. Body symptoms subside and you start to see a new way to live… with your body as your partner and friend. Depending on your individual circumstances, achieving Body Freedom™ can take anywhere from 6 months to a few years.


Imagine your life with more energy, calmer digestion, happier moods, less bloating, and feeling like you have control with food — all because you love yourself at a deeper level than you ever thought possible?

I can absolutely help. If you are ready to explore what Body Freedom™ looks like for you, book a consultation today. Your body and life are so worth this loving attention!

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