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Amber Romaniuk is an Emotional Eating, Digestive and Hormone Expert, with 10+ years experience helping high achieving women create a level of body confidence, intuition and optimal health through powerful mindset healing, self-care and overcoming self-sabotage with food. She does this through addressing the key negative thoughts, patterns and limiting beliefs that keep women stuck in the same behaviors for years and decades that they haven’t been able to break.

Her podcast “The No Sugarcoating Podcast” has over a million downloads, over 400 episodes and is listened to in over 88 countries.

Amber overcame her own emotional eating after gaining and losing more than 1000 lbs and spending over $50,000 on binge foods and spending 5 years balancing her hormones, digestion. She also dismantled her deep limiting beliefs and behaviors keeping her stuck in the same looping patterns.

Now she helps others achieve the biggest healing miracles of Body Freedom™ so they have the confidence and health to create amazing lives.

“We all have defining moments. They can shape your self-confidence and felt need for self-protection. For many women, that self-protection shows up as extra weight. Until you do the inner work to feel safe, your body will subconsciously hold on to the weight.”

My World at 5: How Moments Define us

My journey to becoming an Emotional Eating, Digestive and Hormone Expert began on my first day of school. I was waiting for the bus with butterflies, wondering… who would I sit with?

What friends would I make? As the bus pulled up, my heart pounded. So many eyes on me, but the older mean boys stood out. They began to taunt me and laugh. “Look at her… she’s fat… ugly.”

I was five. My world (and heart) crumbled. Who could be so mean to someone they didn’t know?

From that moment on, well into my twenties, I became very shy and self-conscious. I feared it was true… I WAS that fat ugly girl who didn’t belong. I feared I was unlovable by the opposite sex and that the only way to get a boy to like me is if I was skinny.

We all have defining moments. Yours may be different. They can shape our self-confidence and felt need for self-protection. For many women, that self-protection shows up as extra weight. Until you do the inner work to feel safe, your body will subconsciously hold on to the weight.

Food Became My Friend

Or More Like My Obsession

Growing up, almost every memory I created had some association with food. I could eat AND go swimming, eat AND celebrate Christmas, eat AND watch television. It was also a huge part of the relationship I had with my mom. So naturally, food carried a quality of love, nurture and comfort with it. The sweeter and more sugar-filled, the better. Sitting on the couch mindlessly eating junk-food is how we bonded as a family. That was love to me.

Little did I realize how attached I was to it or how my growing un-love for myself through my school years would begin to create a huge void that I would then fill with food. Food became my happy place. It didn’t disappoint or say mean things. I could count on food to temporarily lift me up in some situations and numb me in others.

Humans are social creatures that find relationships where we can, if not from someone, then from something—substances, reckless activities, alcohol. For me, it was food. I came to accept that I would be pudgy like my mom’s side. That is, until in my twenties, when a relationship ended. I was positive that if I just lost the weight, I could get him back.

The Rollercoaster Up and Down 1000 lbs

There is a reason that the diet industry is a seven trillion dollar a year industry. People desperately want a different body and a quick way to get there. We think that if we just have the perfect body, we’ll be happy and get that man, job or opportunity. I sure did.

I tried everything. I restricted calories, skipped meals, tried the latest fad diets and worked out six days a week, exhausting my adrenals. For a while it worked. I got to my ideal weight and felt great, but it wasn’t sustainable. And that relationship didn’t work out. I was devastated. Once again I believed I was not lovable.

The more I restricted myself, the more I was triggered to binge eat. I went up and down 1,000 lbs. I had multiple sizes of clothes. My life was being consumed by food and my body image.

I stopped doing things I loved like going hiking because I didn’t want anyone to see me. I didn’t want anyone to know that I’d spent $50,000 on binge foods, quick fix diets and more.

My Low Point: Waging a War on My Body

My confidence was taking a massive hit. But it wasn’t just that, so was my body. I had crippling stomach pain, bloating, and digestive upset – now my hormones were in a tailspin.

The more I binged, the worse my cravings became. It was a vicious cycle of deprivation and then binging. My low point came when I found myself digging through the kitchen garbage to binge on leftover food. I collapsed to the floor crying. This food addiction had taken over my life. I was alone, in pain physically, mentally and emotionally. I was so embarrassed, hating my body and shaming myself. How could I let this happen?

That kitchen floor was a turning point. I knew I couldn’t continue like this. I knew I needed to figure out how to gain freedom over my self-sabotaging behavior. It was clear that I ate to cope with life and stress, and until I shifted that, I’d always use food as a crutch, and my body would pay the price. And so my healing journey began.

“Our lows can becoming our turning points.
They can wake us up to realize we need help and a new approach.”

Self-Care & Unscheduling:
The Missing Ingredient in Weight Loss

It took me 5 years to overcome my food addiction and balance my hormones and digestion. And it didn’t come through some magic diet pill, 14-day detox or bootcamp workouts.

It unfolded slowly through self-love and taking time to care for myself — truly listening to what my body needed. It came through learning healthy boundaries, tending to my heart, releasing control, managing my ego and creating space in my schedule

It came through eating nourishing foods that reduced cravings and inflammation with enough variety in my food choices so that I didn’t feel restricted. And it came through letting go of the need to be perfect. The more I gave my body and heart what she needed, the more the weight naturally came off.

For me, this also meant saying no fitness training and workouts. Yes, I lost weight by NOT working out. Today my movement is gentle and intuitive — something my body is so thankful for. My body has stabilized at her ideal weight. And because I’ve learned to love myself unconditionally, I’ve attracted the most amazing relationship.

My Mission Today: Body Freedom™ for Life

Today my mission is to help high-achieving women around the world gain Body Freedom™ so that they have the energy, clarity and health to be unstoppable in their lives. Through private coaching and group programs, I help women overcome emotional and binge eating, improve digestion and balance their hormones. All while helping them build body confidence, release the weight-loss blocks and step into their power.

While painful at times, my journey was a blessing. I developed my unique Body Freedom™ Program to guide my clients, which combines wisdom from my personal healing, my training, countless mentorship courses and my ongoing learning in mindset, energy, tapping, business and more.

I’m committed to helping women create safety and trust in their bodies through self-care, deep mindset work, and mindful choices that allow the body to be the miracle that it is. When the body feels supported and loved, it finds its ideal weight and health. And when optimal health and confidence happen…you THRIVE with more ease.

Imagine if you made yourself a priority and gifted your body, heart and soul exactly what they needed. Imagine if you could stop fighting your body and get your life back.

Ready to begin your journey to Body Freedom?

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