Group Program

The 8-Week Jump Into Your Body Freedom Group Program

This transformational group program provides support to a community of women with common struggles like emotional eating, low energy, digestive bloating, food cravings and feeling overwhelmed with overbooked schedules. Through this 8-week program, I walk you through a different topic of focus including unbooking your schedule to support self-care, ways to support digestion and mindful eating, starting to understand your emotional eating triggers and ways to boost your energy levels.

Benefits You Receive:

  • Better sleep
  • Improved energy levels
  • Less cravings
  • Less bloating and digestive discomfort
  • Identifying emotional hunger versus physical and eating for physical nourishment
  • Balance with schedule

Jump Into Body Freedom will help you have a richer relationship with yourself and your self-care, which is essential for weight-loss and optimal health. Getting support and being held accountable helps you on your journey toward body freedom. You get to share the journey with others, which will help inspire you to give it your all.

Success Stories

“After working with Amber through her 8-week group program I see a shift in every area of my life. I have stopped emotionally eating and now eat to fuel my body. Food is no longer the enemy to me, it now supports my health. My digestion is improving and my cravings are gone. My relationships are improving all around me and I feel bad ass saying no more and putting myself first. I’ve also built the confidence to increase my rates and prices in my business. I look forward to continuing this journey, it’s life changing.”

“I loved this 8-week group program. I’m humbled by the honesty and strength through vulnerability this group showed. It’s inspiring to say the least. I found my hunger IS often emotional and I’m starting to ask the right questions now to determine if I’m feeding my body or my emotions. I’ve also learned that stress is contributing to my digestive bloating and am working on that. Amber, this work is so so needed. Thank you for your guidance.”

Ready to start building body freedom? Sign up by putting your name and email here to be put on the wait list to be notified for the next Group Program start.

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