Wendy – Success Story

I was feeling overwhelmed and stuck in a rut regarding my health and weight loss efforts until I met Amber. I embarked on an incredible health journey for which I will be forever grateful . I am thankful for all the knowledge, guidance and happiness she brought into my life!
My biggest learning curve was to value myself and put ‘Me’ first and also how to manage emotional eating .Through Ambers relatability to both emotional and physical issues I discovered that living a holistic , healthy and happy lifestyle doesn’t come from the desperation of loosing 40 pounds in a short period but more about getting the groundwork accomplished first . Amber assessed my needs and through her individualized holistic approach she helped me deal with body inflammation, delve into past unproductive experiences and set me on a journey of self discovery , positivity and self worth!
I would recommend Amber in a heartbeat 💗!
Thanks – Wendy

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