What If You Gave Yourself a Year?

give yourself a year

Have you ever noticed how society has a major lack of patience?

Perhaps it comes from a misunderstanding of what hard work is and how essential hard work is to achieving our goals. Whether it be running a business, setting a physical goal or weight-loss, it takes time, effort and dedication to reach our goals.

We also want everything now – and we want it with minimal effort. We don’t want to learn, be challenged, go through the hard stuff, deal with the baggage or feel the uncomfortable emotions. We want the easy, the cheap, the quick fix, the fastest way to reach our goals.

I feel this is especially true in the diet and weight-loss industry. Just search “lose weight fast” and you’ll find millions of quick fix and fad diets. We see new eating styles coming out every year claiming to be “the thing” to fix you, to eliminate all your troubles for the rest of your life. And the best part, it’s only going to take 2 weeks, a month or 90 days to FIX EVERYTHING!!! So we put all hope into this. We think this will be the thing to fix us, and it will be easy and we will see results quickly. It’s like we read this and get a dopamine high, pull out a credit card and bam, we are in the program.

We are so committed to losing weight that we will do whatever it takes. We cut out whole food groups that are far too healthy to eliminate. We count and weigh every last bit of food. We will do whatever it takes, because of the claims and thousands of testimonials. I wonder: After the person shared that testimonial about that fad diet, how long did the results stick?

So we start on this journey, perhaps it starts to work, or it doesn’t, but then something happens. We get exhausted, overwhelmed, hungry, we go out for dinner where we can’t stick to this restriction or we have a craving. Perhaps you step on the scale and you don’t like the number you see. Whatever the trigger, you end up failing. You don’t succeed. This happens to so many, including myself many times over in the past. You end up frustrated, hurt, upset, overwhelmed and hopeless. Like a huge failure never destined to really overcome any of this.

The problem is that this rush to get healthy will never help us to overcome everything. In fact, it could push us farther away, contribute to more health issues, weight gain, fear, doubt and punishment. And we start questioning if anything will ever work. And we have a massive trust issue for instilling hope in anything or anyone. And then we block ourselves from hope and the opportunity to succeed and actually get results.

What’s worse is this conditioning to want things fast helps companies makes money. When we believe that quick fixes will get us the results we are looking for, we reach for our credit cards. And when those fixes don’t work, we shell out more money for the next thing. And the cycle continues. Eventually, we internalize, “If I can’t heal or fix myself, or lose the weight quickly, or stick to this rigid program, I must be broken, stupid, too fat or not good enough.”

This makes us want to give up and lose hope that we could ever end the suffering, lose the weight for good, end the food addiction and be happy in our body now.

So here’s my question and something for you to think about…

What if you gave yourself a year?

What if you were open to a year?

It takes time to shift these things. Would you be open to taking the time to truly make transformation so that after that you don’t have to keep trying to start over?

Give yourself the time. 

For some people, it may be longer but if you can at least claim a sacred year and see what it gives you, you will be a completely different person.

Yes, you will come up against your stuff, but when you have the right support you will process through it. You will get through it. And you will get to leave it all in the past. You will create room for beauty, love, freedom and optimal health.

Remove the things that don’t serve you. Let your body breathe. Give your body time to balance.

It’s clearing space to set boundaries, improve and practice regular self-care, regular prep food time, pattern shifting and self-love. Hormones, digestion, immunity and inflammation: they all take time to balance. So, the longer you’ve been suffering, the more time your body will need. And I don’t say this to discourage you. I say it to be honest because I respect you and want you to really understand what’s going to get you where you’ve been trying to go but haven’t been able to.  

Slowing down is the key. Not speeding up.

Trust me: your body will thank you for slowing down, listening and taking the time to work through the layers that have built up over the years. And then you have freedom to live your life as you wish – with happiness, health and full self-love.

Isn’t that worth a year? Or however long it takes?

If you start now, you’ll be in a beautiful space in a year.

I encourage you to reach out and book a 30-minute complimentary consult to chat more with me about your struggles. I can also help assess your current state of health and help you identify what the best course of action with food, self-care and ending any emotional connections with food could be for you.

When people come to work with me and give themselves a year, they make changes they never imagined they could. And they stick. That gives them power – and that is priceless.

If they can do it, so can you. I believe in you and everyone’s ability to shift. So what are you waiting for?

Take action now.

Read real-life stories of people who have experience transformational optimal health here. 

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