Do you take the time to stop and take your lunch break? If yes, do you eat and multi-task? I’d like to ask what stands in the way of you taking your lunch break?

I often observe people who are skipping their lunch break or who are eating and multi-tasking, and they express that they feel they don’t have enough time to stop and just eat their lunch.

This can impact your digestive system and result in symptoms like bloating, blood sugar imbalances, cravings and an increased chance of feeling triggered to binge later on in the day and evening. Do you notice this happens to you?

Do you feel as though you have to work through your lunch break to prove to others that you are worthy enough or a good enough boss or employee? Often the need to prove comes from a lower self-worth and taking the time to stop and honor yourself as a priority helps you to build your self-worth as well as support your health. Learn more in this week’s video blog.

What is a takeaway from this video for you? And what is a small intention you want to set to support your health and lunch time routine?

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