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Ego Mastery Group Program






Kick The Sugar

(Coming October 2023)

A 5 week course to assist you in reducing sugar cravings, regulating blood sugar levels and helping you feel more in POWER with food.

Amber Romaniuk Coaching


Triggers: Understand the Roots of Your Emotional Eating & Binges

A 3-part Masterclass series to help you on your journey to overcoming emotional eating or binge eating by understanding what your unique set of physical and emotional triggers are, and ways to start navigating through them without going to food. It will be the powerful next step you desire to start stopping your triggers in their tracks.

Masterclass Replays

Check out a variety of eye-opening Masterclasses to help YOU understand the emotional, physical and energetic roots of your cravings, weight-loss blocks, emotional eating and body image struggles, mindset blocks and gut/hormone issues, in order to gain true food and Body Freedom. 

Amber Romaniuk Coaching
Food Prep Magic

Body Freedom Membership

A monthly membership to grow your understanding of your relationship with food, digestion, hormones, mindset and more, to build Body Freedom, confidence and so much more.

Dive into live monthly sessions including support with emotional eating, cravings, hormone/gut conversations, self/body love, energy and mindset work, live tapping, breath and self-care and MUCH more.

Hormone Harmony Self-Study

Want to learn more about your hormone imbalances at your own pace? Then Hormone Harmony Self-Study is for you. Take this journey at your own pace to learn more about your hormone health and all the connections to bring them back into balance. As soon as you sign up you get instant access to the entire program and you get lifetime access to the six 90-minute replay sessions from last year’s round of Hormone Harmony as well as the worksheets, blood sugar balancer and mind map bonus replays and more! There is also an option to do a hormone test and a private 1:1 coaching session with Amber to gain deeper clarity.

Amber Romaniuk Coaching
Amber Romaniuk Freedom from Emotional Eating

Freedom From Emotional Eating

Start breaking your habits of emotional eating

Freedom from Emotional Eating™ is a 5 week self study program unlike anything you’ve experienced before. No diets, counting macros or measuring. No more devastating weigh-ins that leave you feeling upset. And most importantly, no more fighting with your body. You’ll get a handle on your emotional eating triggers and add self-care routines to reduce your stress levels. This will help you finally rid yourself of food cravings and binge eating so that you take your power back from food.

Food Prep Magic BUNDLE

Get INSTANT access to 3 food prep programs to help you bring joy and love into your food.

No more throwing out half your produce that went bad. These programs will teach you to save money and up to 8 hours of food prep each week, so that you are setting yourself up for success with healthy eating.

Food Prep Magic

Ego Mastery Group Program

Mastery of The Mind into a More Confidence, Powerful
and Connected You (Coming Fall 2023)


Understand and release your biggest limiting beliefs, negative thoughts and self-sabotaging behaviors by understanding your ego mindset, what triggers it and how it’s been wired for years. You will learn how to understand why you people-pleasing, have perfection or proving tendencies, what’s fuelling the all or nothing mentality and also how these fuel emotional and binge eating. When you shift your mindset and take your power back, deeper levels of physical, emotional and energetic healing are possible.


Amber Romaniuk Health Coach
Food Prep Magic

Hormone Harmony Group Program

Get to the Root of Your Unique Hormone Imbalances


The next round of the live Hormone Harmony Group Program is coming in Winter 2024. Click below to join the waitlist and be the first to hear about early bird savings and bonuses!

In this 6 Month Group Program program for women, I will help you identify the root causes of your hormone imbalances through testing and support. We will look at your stress levels, relationship with food, mindset, and physical symptoms so you can boost your energy levels, have happy digestion, clear up that skin, feel your clothes start to fit looser and, most importantly, feel a level of connection and being in-tune with your body like you’ve never felt before.

Private Coaching With Amber.
For even deeper body and life transformation, work privately with me!

Work With Me One-on-One
in Private Coaching

I’m SO excited you are considering working with me. For thousands of women, making this investment has been life changing. They’ve overcome emotional eating, balanced their hormones, improved their digestion and lost the extra weight WITHOUT dieting.

Most importantly, they feel so much better in their bodies. and no longer have the burnout and drain impacting their business, relationships and life. The personal happiness and confidence gained is priceless!

I want the same for YOU, and it’s possible!

Ready to explore support to build Body Freedom or Biz and Body Freedom? (Yes I now also mentor high-achieving female business owners out of burnout and into balance to help you grow without overwhelm and overbooked schedules. Expand your reach, set stronger boundaries and build your empire, while supporting your relationship with food, mindset, hormones, gut health etc.)

Please click the button below to schedule your 30 minute Body or Business Freedom session.

Emotional Eating Online Course
Amber Romaniak Coach Canada

Body Freedom Mastermind


A transformative 6 or 12 month program which includes a mix of high-level 1:1 support, as well as a sacred group to help you build food and Body Freedom and take your healing to the next level. Each woman in the Mastermind will receive direct support for her struggles and imbalances while being in community to support each other. This is the second highest tier of support next to a full 1:1 investment.

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