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Food Prep Magic

Coming Spring 2022. Click to pre-enroll.


Bring love and magic into your food.

Food Prep Magic is a 4-week live online group program to provide you with all the key tips to make food prep fun, easy and rich in variety so that you never experience food boredom again. You’ll discover the medicinal properties of foods, teas and spices to help reduce cravings, balance blood sugar, support gut health, hormones and MORE!

No more throwing out half your produce that went bad. This program will teach you to save money and up to 8 hours of food prep each week so that you are setting yourself up for success with healthy eating.

Food Prep Magic

Food Prep Magic Holidays

Starts October 31st!


Bring love and magic into your food.

Bring joy, cheer and plenty of new food ideas to your holiday season this year. Whether you are struggling with food sensitivities and don’t know what ingredients to substitute to make your favorite gingerbread cookies, or worry about over-indulgence but just need to tweak a few ingredients that won’t spike your blood sugar, Food Prep Magic Holidays will help!
Food Prep Magic

Freedom From Emotional Eating

Start breaking your habits of emotional eating

Freedom from Emotional Eating™ is a 5 week self study program unlike anything you’ve experienced before. No diets, counting macros or measuring. No more devastating weigh-ins that leave you feeling upset. And most importantly, no more fighting with your body. You’ll get a handle on your emotional eating triggers and add self-care routines to reduce your stress levels. This will help you finally rid yourself of food cravings and binge eating so that you take your power back from food.

Amber Romaniuk Freedom from Emotional Eating
Private nutrition coaching

Body Freedom Unleashed

Gain Food and Body Freedom!

Body Freedom Unleashed is a 6 month live online group program to help you identify and overcome your emotional eating triggers, build a mindful eating practice and body love, balance your digestion and create a completely powerful relationship with food and your body.

The next round of BFU launches in November 2021. Click below to enroll now!

Private Coaching With Amber.
For even deeper body and life transformation, work privately with me!

Work With Me One-on-One
in Private Coaching

I’m SO excited you are considering working with me. For thousands of women, making this investment has been life changing. They’ve overcome emotional eating, balanced their hormones, improved their digestion and lost the extra weight WITHOUT dieting.

Most importantly, they feel so much better in their bodies. The personal happiness and confidence gained is now allowing them to do and be so much more in life!

I want the same for YOU, and it’s possible!

Please click the button below to schedule your 30 minute Body Freedom session.

Emotional Eating Online Course

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