In part 2 of this blog series I talked about Holiday Overindulgence Making You Feel Sick which you can read here.

You may be someone who struggles with confidence and in your desire to fit in with family and friends, you spend more on gifts and social events than your bank account allows through the holidays. You end up feeling the financial stress of a big credit card bill come January.

Believe it or not, supportive self-care can help you in each of the above three scenarios. Perhaps you also plan to invest in a big diet program in the New Year, even though you know it’s not going to help you with these other areas.  You just hope this new diet will be the thing that will help. Think of who you could be if you were confident, had healthy boundaries and actually could save money by building a healthy relationship with yourself and food. I ended up spending $50000 in 5 years binging, and it cost me so much physically, mentally and emotionally. There is a great opportunity to shift this and become more abundant by building a healthy relationship with you. You may think you can’t afford the time or money to care for yourself, but when you look at the cost of not doing so, you realize you are so worth it.  Feeling down, gaining weight, getting sick, or spending too much money is not a match for the person you choose to be. Personally I can tell you that I’ve totally shifted how I do the holidays. I don’t over-eat—I have a few mindful treats. I don’t overbook myself—I hand-select the most meaningful activities that light me up inside. And I don’t overspend – in fact, I save throughout the year so that I have a Xmas fund ready for the gifts I choose to buy those closest to me.

It’s so liberating to live this way, and it all came through my decision to support my self-care as my top priority. Can I help you navigate the holidays?  You will be amazed at how much better you feel throughout the holidays and into the New Year. This frees you up to truly enjoy the magic of the season. If you want to do the holidays in a new self-honouring way, reach out by clicking here to book your 30 minute Body Freedom complimentary consultation. I’d love to explore supporting you! I’ve learned to do the holidays so differently thanks to overcoming emotional eating, having a new found respect for food, and a balance between nourishing my body and mindful indulgence and also honoring my body with self-care to support my stress levels, energy and relationship with food.

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