You may be someone who is SO booked with parties and Christmas prep that, despite your best attempts, this triggers you to eat and drink more than you’d like. You feel tired, puffy and bloated, and may gain 5 to 10 lbs by New Years. Worse yet, you always seem to get sick at this time of the year. SO you may actually spend the holidays in the hospital or at home sick in bed.

When you overbook your schedule, don’t get enough sleep, drink a lot of alcohol and eat a lot of refined foods and/or sugar, you do suppress your immune system. This stress makes it more easy to catch a flu or cold bug.

On the other hand, perhaps you aren’t catching a cold or flu bug, but overindulging because of stress and overwhelm, leaving you feeling bloated, gassy, crampy and inflamed.

Be sure to tune in to hear more about how overindulging and overbooking your schedule may leave you feeling sick through the holidays.

What is a takeaway from this video for you? And what is a small intention you want to set to support mindfulness with your schedule and health through the holidays?

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