You may be someone who struggles with confidence, and in your desire to fit in with family and friends, you spend more on gifts and social events than your bank account allows. You end up feeling the financial stress of a big credit card bill come January.

Believe it or not, supportive self-care can help you in each of the above scenarios.  Perhaps you also plan to invest in a big diet program in the New Year, even though you know it’s not going to help you with these other areas.  You just hope this new diet will be the thing that will help.

Think of who you could be if you were confident, had healthy boundaries and actually could save money by building a healthy relationship with yourself and food. I ended up spending $50,000 in 5 years binging, and it cost me so much physically, mentally and emotionally. There is a great opportunity to shift this and become more abundant by building a healthy relationship with you.

Be sure to tune in to hear more about how overspending through the holidays can leave you feeling stressed, and fuel emotional eating.

What is a takeaway from this video for you? And what is a small intention you want to set to support mindfulness with your spending and relationship with food through the holidays?

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