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  • Hidden Weight Blocks Keeping You Stuck



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  • ** Hidden Weight Blocks Keeping You Stuck (05:59).



Newco Natural Technology is a Canadian company located in the heart of Calgary, Alberta. Newco creates the finest and most effective natural health products in the industry through scientific innovation and understanding of nature’s codes. Newco has discovered the miracle molecule “sulforaphane”, which is a super-antioxidant extracted from broccoli that provides long-lasting protection for 72 hours after consumption or application. This miracle molecule is supported by over 1,600 clinical studies over the last 25 years! Newco’s products range from supplements, skincare, to even chocolate bars which use Sulforaphane as its foundation! The BroccoGen 10® supplement contains “Sulforaphane”, and one capsule is equivalent to eating 5 heads of broccoli!  To learn more, visit and use code “AMBER” to save 15% OFF your entire order! Also read this educational article on Sulforaphane, immunity and COVID-19 here.


Herbaland Gummies

The No Sugarcoating Podcast is proud to partner with Herbaland Gummies! Herbaland is Canada’s largest nutritional gummy manufacturer producing vegan, gluten free and sugar free vitamins. Their new line of beauty gummy vitamins have changed the game when it comes to keeping up that glow. The newest member of the beauty family Acai Berry Twist, helps increase antioxidant levels and up your detoxification game! It also promotes digestion and supports your immune system. Don’t forget about their Vegan Collagen Booster and Pure Beauty Gummies either. Use code AmberAcai25 and save 25% off your order today at

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