In this episode of The No Sugarcoating Podcast my guest Therese Tucker and I are talking about:

  • Psychological Judgement of our Bodies

  • The Body Intuitive Connection

  • Ways We Can Tune into our Intuition



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  • Psychological Judgement of our Bodies (20:15).
  • The Body Intuitive Connection (45:40).
  • Ways We Can Tune into our Intuition (1:11:43).


About My Guest Therese Tucker:

Therese is a Psychic Medium, Intuitive Artist, Author of “Confidence Is Magic”, and founder of Modern Mystic Society. She is the creator of Blythe Starlight, a brand dedicated to creating fine art and metaphysical accessories with a spiritual connection.

For over 13 years Therese has been channeling her self-expression into “Tools of Destiny,” she has been able to provide others with the physical + metaphysical tools to discover their own path to self-trust and fulfillment.

Therese is here to create an impact on the world through helping people make sense of what’s inside of them. She serves as a North Star, providing her audience with clarity and focus on their spiritual journey and the tools to make it happen. You can find her on her platforms below!

Podcast: Modern Mystic Soul Podcast (Spotify, Apple. + 7 other platforms) or visit



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