In this episode of The No Sugarcoating Podcast my guest Melanie Ann Layer is talking about:

  • Personal Power, Growth, Money and Living a Life of Freedom with Melanie Ann Layer

About My Guest Melanie Ann Layer:

Melanie Ann Layer is the creator of the Alpha Femme Brand. She coaches women in three distinct areas: Relationships, Mindset, and Money, in what she has coined “Trifecta Coaching”.

Melanie is a self-made multi-millionaire, her business generates multiple hundreds of thousands of dollars every month. She runs live online programs, high level masterminds, and takes on a select group of one on one clients!

Melanie and her Fiancé, Kevin, are digital nomads. They are location independent and travel the world together, coaching men and women into next levels of leadership, love, and wealth.

The tag line for the Alpha Femme Brand is “She Who Leads Herself”. This is exactly what Melanie exemplifies in her life, and her teachings. Her clients thrive because they embody that same standard of radical self ownership, and begin to transform at exponential speed!

Melanie is a captivating speaker, she moves people with her magnetic ways, and she speaks in a very unique way that truly sets her apart. Even if you’ve heard something she speaks of before… it will land with the most inspiring clarity when it comes through her filter.

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  • Personal Power, Growth, Money and Living a Life of Freedom (03:41).


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