In this episode of The No Sugarcoating Podcast I am talking about:

  • What is Your Focus to Create Body Freedom?

  • Factors That Help You Decide Next Steps

  • Key Blocks to Clear The Path

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  • ** What is Your Focus to Create Body Freedom? (07:40).

  • ** Factors That Help You Decide Next Steps (27:48).

  • ** Key Blocks to Clear The Path (32:57).




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Episode 448 Journal Prompts:

  • What is my “work” right now on my healing journey?

  • If I keep doing the same old things that aren’t working (instead of the work) how much longer will it take to do my healing? (Versus if I took more action.)

  • What blocks are in the way? (Time, money, fear, procrastination, ‘It’s not the right time’ mentality)

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