In this episode of The No Sugarcoating Podcast I am talking about:

  • Why You Have Food Guilt & Body Shame

  • Behaviors Attached to Emotional Reactions 

  • How to Respond Instead of React 

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  • ** Why You Have Food Guilt & Body Shame (08:01).

  • ** Behaviors Attached to Emotional Reactions (22:31).

  • ** How to Respond Instead of React (34:55).

Episode 453 Journal Prompts:

  • What triggers food guilt or body shame?

  • What is a memory or experience you think has wounded you?

  • What does it feel like to respond VS react?


Maureen McRae – Women’s Intuitive Guide and Mentor

Maureen is a women’s empowerment guide and mentor.

Being a woman requires a special kind of courage.

Do you feel able to live life to the fullest? Are you able to show up as your most authentic self? Are you happy and free to make choices that you know, deep in your heart, are the best ones for you?

Throughout Maureen’s life and her work she has seen firsthand how we are minimized and drained, forced to play small to fit in to the limitations set up by mainstream environments.

As she’s worked with clients over the years,  she has witnessed the remarkable awakening of hope, healing and fulfillment that her clients experience when they reconnect with the inherent power of their true nature.

The empowerment of women can energize our bodies, minds, and spirits. It can improve our vitality, hormones, sleep, resilience, and so much more! 

Unlike traditional forms of counseling and therapy Maureen uses intuitive guidance, theta healing and subtle energy medicine to help you clear your path and come home to your authentic nature.

Maureen is inspired to help you reclaim your joy and happiness, so that you can enjoy life in the fullness of your power.

You can find Maureen at

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